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20th Century Fox http://www.foxscreenings.com/

Dreamworks Animation http://www.dwaawards.com/

Dreamworks Studios http://www.dreamworksawards.com/

Focus Features http://focusguilds2012.com/

Fox Searchlight Pictures http://www.foxsearchlight.com/fyc

Lionsgate http://www.lionsgateawards.com/

Paramount Pictures http://www.paramountguilds.com/

Relativity Media http://www.relativitymedia.com/awards/

Sony Pictures http://www.sonypictu.../academy/guild/ and http://www.sonypictu...movies/academy/

Sony Pictures Classics http://www.sonyclass...ds-information/

Universal Pictures http://www.universal...uresawards.com/

Walt Disney http://disneystudiosawards.com/

Warner Bros. 1, 2, or 3

The Weinstein Company http://twcguilds.com/


  • Only those film sites featuring streaming music are listed above.
  • Please post other studios and film sites featuring music below and I will add them to this master list.
  • Source for the sites listed above (in part): http://www.awardscir...ners-2012-2013/

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I can't quite believe some of the movies being touted with overall consideration in mind.

Technical categories yes, but best picture, for Madagascar 3 (to name just one unlikely suspect)?

It's like the rubbish that's issued as a FYC promo. Are those a serious attempt to dethrone the inevitable nominees? (which are basically the scores to the best picture nominees)

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