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When I saw the title of the thread I thought this was for real lol

Well, folks, I'm honored to be presenting a segment of the show. You don't want to miss tonight's 'Open Your Horizon', but be sure to tune in next week when my guest will be none other than Zack Snyder. The topic is 'The Zenith At The Start'. Write it down because Zack has some really interesting things to say about it.

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I would contribute to this. This week's E.T. report:

Trip report: Invading the neighborhood from E.T., 30 years later. A house no longer inhabited by Elliott and his family. Building up the courage to back into and out of the driveway.

Review of NECA's E.T. action figure. The best E.T. collectible money can buy?

Reflections on the E.T. Adventure ride at Universal Studios. How can we obtain the music?

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That's what JWFAN is made of. Mean people. And dickeads. And mean dickheads. Croc belongs in all three categories.

I think you're a dickhead for saying that!

BTW, you neglected to mention that I will be providing a piano rendition of that Williams classic 2M4A "The J. W. Fan Scene" for use in the podcast. That really rubs me the wrong way, man.

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