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Will these scores nominated for Academy Awards?

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After the numerous awards that have been given and the Golden Globes, I have decided to post a topic where I want to explain the scores more easy to be winner.

Here they are:

Catch Me if you Can by John Williams

Positive: It is a jazzy work with old songs and Academy loves that (as well as Williams' material)

Negative: It would be a winner, if they would be less competition. It could have won another year.

Road to Perdition by Thomas Newman

Positive: This is a creative work by the composer. It works great in the film and makes it one of the best scores

Negative: However it is very creative (celtic, jazzy), it lacks a big theme. Also, the film was released a time ago. It will not win

Frida by Elliot Goldenthal

Positive: When he gets nominated in Golden Globes, later he is in Academy Awards. The music is excellent in the film and Goldenthal won an important award!

Negative: Usually Golden Globes winner is not the same as Academy Awards winner. Goldenthal's music can be too weird for Academy

The Two Towers by Howard Shore

Positive: It is an incredible score that is better everytime you listen it.

Negative: After the news about Howard and Academy rules, this must be a pity nomination. And the score have failed in another award

Far From Heaven by Elmer Bernstein

Positive: Academy love Bernstein doing drama music and the score is getting many good quotes. This can be the sure winner

Negative: However there is one (stupid) thing that can be dangerous. Everytime that Varese have released a score at the same time as the movie was released, these scores have got nominations (Pleasantville, Basic Instinct, Aliens) but have never won, and they deserved the award. I know this sounds odd, but it is true

I would say Far From Heaven as winner.

Tell me what do you think

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Other possible contenders for nominations are the three other Golden Globe nominees in Glass, Blanchard, and Gabriel (I don't expect the Academy to go for them, but you never know); Rachel Portman for Nicholas Nickelby; Craig Armstrong for The Quiet American; Frederic Chopin for The Pianist (j/k); and possibly, though this is more wishful thinking than anything else, Joe Hisaishi for Spirited Away.

With a surfeit a strong contenders this year, I'll settle for posting seven who I think deserve to be nominated (admitting I haven't yet listened to Portman's score), although obviously two will have to go:

Craig Armstrong, The Quiet American

Jon Brion, Punch-Drunk Love

Elliot Goldenthal, Frida

Joe Hisaishi, Spirited Away

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Unfaithful

Thomas Newman, Road to Perdition

John Williams, Catch Me If You Can

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My choices for nominations would be...

Minority Report - John Williams

Catch Me If You Can - John Williams

Red Dragon - Danny Elfman

Spider-Man - Danny Elfman

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Howard Shore (rule or no bloody rule)

...and a few more that I can't think of. Mainly mine is all wishful thinking.


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I don't think Signs or TTT is worthy of a nomination. :music:

Yeah I agree, Signs must not be nominated. As much of a Williams fan as I am, I feel Two Towers IS worthy - Evenstar, Gollum's Theme, and Forth Eorlingas are amazing tracks, and the rest of the score isn't shabby either.

I felt Glass's The Hours is a close contender for a nom, though it most certainly won't win. Of Williams' scores this year, I feel Catch Me has the most potential of a nom... if only he'd given CoS the attention it deserved! Just wait until PoA, and for the stupid Academy rules to be vanquished.

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Maybe no one else has heard it or no one else likes it, but William Ross' score to Tuck Everlasting is really wonderful.  It's not something the Academy would nominate, but I think it's one of the best scores this year.

It is certainly quite a lovely score, and I enjoyed it as much as I did Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. When I first listened to it, I considered it Oscar-worthy, but it hasn't held up as well on subsequent listens. I haven't watched the film.

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I don't think Catch me is as worthy as the scores I listed. And I loved FOTR score but only like TTT score.  :|

I think Catch Me If YOu Can is more worthy than any score on your list Morn. It is great.

Well of course you think that, you always disagree with me about Williams scores. :mrgreen:

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There is one score that I didn't put on my list that has many options to be nominated

The Hours composed by Philip Glass

Being a composer (not for many scores) I didn't count him, but people really like his work and however Golden Globes and all these awards used to nominated strange composer, the population of the film can make it a winner in the score category.

That would mean that the score would be nominated instead of.......

Catch me if you can?

Impossible, the music is very important in the movie

Far From Heaven?

Not after Howard Shore being awarded for Gangs in another awards


Songs and score are excellent

Road to Perdition?

It is a very creative score, so why not nominated it?

The Two Towers?

It is a sequel and it have been overlooked in another award

The Two Towers not nominated??????????


We will see


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Here's the thing about what you said about "Signs" being a summer film and therefore out of the Academy's minds. The nominations for Original Score (and Original Song) are voted on by the members of the Music Branch. This is made completely of composers and songwriters, not actors who only watch movies for the acting.

They remember the music to "Signs" very well. And Disney is undoubtedly putting a lot of publicity into this film (for the screenplay as well, no doubt) because of its popularity and box office from the summer. Seeing as the main title is nominated for a Grammy (which is voted on by composers also part of the Academy), I can't see how they could have forgotten.

Another thing: nearly every review mentions the score. That always helps. It helped "The Red Violin" to a deserved win over the more publicized music in "American Beauty."

I can't wait. I'm always up early to watch the nominations on CNN, then I run to the Internet to catch the rest. Last year, I remember screaming loudly when I saw JW listed twice. I hope that happens again this year, but I'll be OK if it shows up once.

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I'd also like to see JNH's SIGNS nominated. Whether it wins or not is questionable since there were so many strong scores out this year (which was great for all us fans!).

Newman's ROAD TO PERDITION is the most deserving of the statuette IMHO because it serves to accentuate what's going on narratively in the film. That and the fact that Newman has been doing quality work for years and should be recognized..although that doesn't necessarily mean he will get it.

For Williams, I'd like to see Minority Report or CMIYC. I enjoy HP and to a lesser degree SW:AOTC but I don't think the music warrants an Oscar nomination.

Mind you, the Oscars have traditionally been pretty off. Look at Alan Menkin winning for "ALadin" in 1992 when scores like ALIEN3 and Wojceich Kilar's Dracula were far more interesting scores. Heck, Even Horner's SNEAKERS was a lot of fun and marked the last thing he wrote that I thought was interesting.

I also preferred Angela's Ashes over The Red Violin but I understand why Corigliano won that year.

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