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Williams' Lincoln nominated for BAFTA Awards 2013

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Newman's speech:

That's the least inspiring list of nominees I've seen in years. I have at most a few tracks from each of those.

Not really rooting for anyone this year. It would be nice to see Newman receive a major award, but it would be for the wrong reason (the UK wanting to pat itself on the back for making the best Bond film of all time).

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Skyfall won Outstanding British Film, which is patriotic nonsense. Not the award, but that daft plot hole riddled popcorn flick getting it. It was supremely entertaining, but I'm just not into this thing of British awards thingys falling over themselves to congratulate it.

But then again maybe a Bond movie was literally the best movie we could knock together (in collaboration with MGM and Columbia) this past year. In which case congrats I suppose. But is that it?

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While not a fan/hater of this work, it is undeniably one of the best scores "as heard in the film" of 2012. It serves the story well, adds to the film's cooleness (in tandem with cinematography) and makes it better overall (you forget the script is kind of stupid). And also it gets some breathing space thanks to a great sound mix.

Having said that, I wish he got recognized earlier for some of his other, much better, work. There is a sense of irony that he should be awarded for the best "original" music.


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