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JW CD Series - Part 3 - Upbeat / Positive / Feelgood Music


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Which Top 10 - 30 tracks would you put on a CD / playlist consisting of John Williams best Upbeat / Positive / Feel Good Music?

I will start myself. My top 20 in random order would be:

01) "Journey to the Island" (From Jurassic Park)

02) "Space Camp" (From Space Camp)

03) "Lando's Palace" (From The Empire Strikes Back)

04) "Throne Room and Finale" (From Star Wars)

05) "Raider's March" (From Raiders of the Lost Ark)

06) "Rouge City" (From Artificial Intelligence)

07) "The Visitors / "Bye" / End Titles" (From Close Ecounters of the Third Kind)

08) "The Flying Sequence" (From Hook)

09) "Short Round's Theme" (From Temple of Doom)

10) "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" (Comissioned for the Los Angeles ’84 Olympic Games)

11) "Summon the Heroes" (Commissioned for the Atlanta ’96 Olympic Games)

12) "Follow Me" (From Always)

13) "Fawkes the Phoenix" (From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

14) "Main Title" (From Star Wars)

15) "Plaza Hotel" (From Home Alone 2)

16) "Arrival in New York" (From Home Alone 2)

17) "Theme from Superman" (From Superman)

18) "The Open Sea" (From Jaws 2)

19) "Banning Back Home (Film Version)" (From Hook)

20) "Dry Your Tears, Africa" (From Amistad)

I will certainly make future threads on "Best Of" playlists of John Williams "Downbeat/Sad Music", "Emotional Music", "Exotic/Folksy Music", "Source Cues", "Magical/Fantasy/Outwordly Music", "Comedic and Jazz Music", "Mystical/Ethereal Music", "Choral/Chorus Highlights", "Erotic/Sexy/Love Music" and "Dissonant and Dark Music".

Feel free to correct me in my definitions and i welcome suggestions for alternate musical definitions or types of music i simply forgot.

I hope i then can encourage some of you to post your favorites here and in the older threads... I really need your participation to create a list of highlight tracks for each type of music John Williams has composed!

Links to the older CD series threads:

JW CD Series - Part 1 - Dramatic Music

JW CD Series - Part 2 - Action Music

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Arts & Sports from American Journey comes to mind *^ And in a similiar vein Jim's New Life from Empire of the Sun.

And Born on the 4th's Homecoming is another. Love that bright clear trumpet solo!

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And Jedi's Victory Celebration and dare I say it? Ewok Celebration.. There's a great orchestral version of it on Gerhardt's CD. Speaking of Star Wars celebrations..Augie's Great Municipal Band .. Too corny?

And there's a wonderful instrumental piece in the Reivers suite after the narrator says "the first carbon town"

And Festivity at Thornfield from Jane Eyre always brings a smile.

Car in town. Not carbon. Oops.

Can't edit on my iphone

And Hook? The Banquet and the flying music?

Catch Me If You Can: The Float

There are too many!

Isabelle's Horse and Buggy

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The Meeting in Sicily from Monsignor

The Tale of Viktor Navorski from Terminal

End Credits from Heartbeeps

End Cast from Family Plot

The Township of Eastwick from The Witches of Eastwick

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Blood Moon from Images ?

Ok, perhaps not quite.

Here are some suggestions (but there are many more inevitably):

The Float from Catch Me If You Can (I really enjoy the presentation of that theme on the American Spectrum album)

Exsultate Justi from Empire of the Sun

End Credits from Stanley & Iris

End Credits from Amazing Stories

Malice Towards None (piano) from Lincoln

Space Camp main theme

The Reivers (concert arrangement)

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