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Sammath Naur vs Mount Doom/The Crack of Doom/The Eagles

Yes another LOTR poll  

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  1. 1. Sammath or Finale I, II, and III?

    • Sammath Naur
    • Mount Doom/The Crack of Doom/The Eagles
    • John Williams is the Man! (But Shore is alright)
    • Howard Shore is untalented.

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Mount Doom/The Crack of Doom/The Eagles. It is one of the most emotional and sensationally powerful musical finales in my memory. When I saw the film I was literally on the edge of my seat and thought that Shore had captured the whole sequence just right. At the same time I was rather miffed that the OST had some kind of poor hybrid edit of the music, leaving out the whole crescendo of the sequence.

Sammath Naur does have its moments but it lacks the immediacy of the revised version. I think it has gone up in my eyes after thorough listening but the choral exchanges of the Fellowship and Ring theme fragments, while a great subtextual idea, do not deliver its point as directly as The Crack of Doom nor with the same room shattering impact I think the destruction of the Ring should have.

Oh and John Williams is the man.

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So am I correct that "Sammath Naur" was scored to a very different cut of the film? It's pretty fascinating... would love to see how it worked.

Yes I too would like to see how it works with the visuals of the different cut. Perhaps it would place the rather lengthy choral section into perspective as it seems to lose some momentum after a while on its own though it is quite striking.
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