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Microcosmos by Bruno Coulais (Varese CD Feb 5 2013)

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I really liked his score to Coraline, and this one seems really interesting!



SKU: VSD-7177
UPC: 030206717723
Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Title: Microcosmos
Composer: Bruno Coulais
Release Date: 02/05/13

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Music by
Bruno Coulais

French composer Bruno Coulais (Winged Migration and The Chorus) is without a doubt, a musical genius, and Microcosmos is one of the best examples of his work. The music is very mysterious, a bit eerie and yet very sweet. The film Microcosmos, is a documentary of detailed insect interactions in meadows and ponds all set to his score.

The title track Microcosmos sounds like a cross between a typical English or Welsh choir song, something along the lines of the surreal musical tunes created by Danny Elfman for Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

Track List:
1. Microcosmos
2. The Bee And The Flowers (L’abeille & les fleurs)
3. The Ladybird (La coccinelle)
4. Snail-Love (L’amour des escargots)
5. The Warm Hour (L’heure chaude)
6. The Sacred Beetle And The Pheasant (Le scarabée sacré & le faisan)
7. Skidding (Les patineuses)
8. Under A Veil Of Water (Sous le voile de l’eau)
9. Thunderstorm (L’orage)
10. Carnivorous Plant (La plante carnivore)
11. The Fight Of Stag-Beetles (Le combat des lucanes)
12. Night (La nuit)
13. The Metamorphosis (La métamorphose)
14. Dream’s End (La fin du rêve)


Oh wow, I just discovered this is actually a 1996 movie that had a CD in France before, this is just the USA premiere


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Oh wow, I just discovered this is actually a 1996 movie that had a CD in France before, this is just the USA premiere

http://www.soundtrac... De L'Herbe

Perhaps it'll be easier/cheaper to get now. I have a few Coulais scores and find most of them fascinating. This one has always interested me because the title seems to lend itself well to Coulais' style, but it's always been more expensive than other stuff I wanted to get.

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I'm far from an expert; in fact, a quick check reveals I have only three of his scores (I thought it was at least four), one of them being Coraline. The first I'd heard by him was Les rivières pourpres (The Crimson Rivers), which blew me away in the movie with its Goldenthalish sound and (Goldsmith) POTA-like effectivity. I also have Himalaya, which I've only played a handful of times, but which I recall as an intriguing mix of minimalism and ethnic music.

In the end, I probably don't know enough Coulais to really claim to know his style, but for better or worse, I generally think of him as having a basic minimalism which can range from the quirky (not unlike some of Fenton's Blue Planet) and more darkly orchestral stuff in the Goldenthal/Elfman vein (but without the excess of the latter).

Les choristes has been getting much praise, but I've yet to hear that.

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Oh man I saw The Crimson Rivers in the theater and liked it a lot! Haven't thought about that movie in a decade, had no idea who scored it.

I'll definitely have to check out more of this guy's scores

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Microcosmos is a great score! And the film is great too!

for a moment there, i thought "Wait.. this hasn't been released in cd?"

I'll definitely have to check out more of this guy's scores

His score also to Le Comte de MonteCristo (TV miniseries) is worth listening to!!

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