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Alan Silvestri's The Croods

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1. Shine Your Way (Owl City) 3:25

2. Prologue 2:08
3. Smash and Grab 4:09
4. Bear Owl Escape 2:45
5. Eep and the Warthog 3:52
6. Teaching Fire to Tiger Girl 1:55
7. Exploring New Dangers 3:33
8. Piranhakeets 2:24
9. Fire and Corn 2:06
10. Turkey Fish Follies 4:17
11. Going Guys Way 3:15
12. Story Time 3:55
13. Family Maze 3:21
14. Star Canopy 2:07
15. Grug Flips His Lid 1:44
16. Planet Collapse 1:44
17. We'll Die If We Stay Here 5:28
18. Cave Painting 1:12
19. Big Idea 2:34
20. Epilogue 4:25
21. Cave Painting Theme 2:52
22. The Crood's Family Theme 5:54
23. Cantina Croods 1:12
The MP3 version is available March 15, a physical CD release is scheduled for March 26

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While nothing groundbreaking, this is quite beautiful and touching. At times it reminds me a bit of Horner's Land Before Time, and it's nice to have that kind of sound back in animated movies; one of the things that made Rise of the Guardians feel quite unique in my opinion was that beautiful orchestral score by Desplat.


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