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Jurassic Park 20th Anniversary OST (Digital only release)

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17 hours ago, amh1219 said:


That's not true. This is available for download in Europe on Qobuz, both in CD quality and in high res, no less. I haven't looked any further than that, but I'm confident it's available in other parts of the world, on other platforms, etc.


Ok, I stand corrected, but: 


Music files bought on the Site are reserved for Customers residing in the following territories: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria and Ireland (hereinafter referred to as the "Territory"), who have a bank card issued by a banking institution established in the Territory.

(from Qobuz Ts & Cs)


So I'm still out of luck, being from Africa...


Also, bizarrely, it's available on the French site but not the UK one. What gives?


I just love that modern delivery of music via the internet is effectively one step sideways and three steps back (yes it's convenient, but its also limited in catalogue, territorial availability and sometimes quality (lossy). Bring back the '90s! Guess I'll just listen to the extra tracks on the dvd (complete with dino roars, screams, thunderclaps, etc). Yay!

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I can't bring myself to complain about what they haven't released, or might not release, or the quality of what they have released, on a day like today. If someone had told you people on Monday you'd

I like causes. I'm going to boycott this purchase until people in every country can download it legally worldwide. Or when gay people everywhere can get married. Whichever happens first.

Contains 4 previously unreleased cues: - "Stalling" (AKA "Cartoon Demonstration") - "The History Lesson" - "Hungry Raptor" - "The Coming Storm" https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/jurassic-park-20th-ann

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