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Hans Zimmer's Man Of Steel


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1 hour ago, Tallguy said:

Man of Steel is my second favorite Superman score. There are days when it's my favorite Superman movie. (It's kind of like choosing between Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan. They do such different jobs.)


It would have been interesting to see what could have been done with Williams' theme. Would it have been a perfunctory statement like some of the Bond scores? Would they have used it like Williams did? Or would it have used the theme in a more modern fashion?


I think they made the right choice.

I agree, I'm also a big fan of the MOS score, especially the Supes theme which to me perfectly captures what makes Superman, Superman, like JW's theme does. They do the job in different ways but both are great! I'm still disappointed that BVS wasn't a proper superman movie because we never got more full on heroic superman material. I read that HZ was a bit disappointed as well that the sequel didn't allow for developing the superman material in a more heroic manor.

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