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You've till Friday 01/31/03 to make changes to your top 10

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that is a bit over 2 days.

any changes in order or titles that you see fit.

I will actually run my list when I leave work Friday around 4:30 central standard time which is 6:30 according to the posting clock.

I will begin putting together a massive spreadsheet to figure everyones contribution to this list.

Be a little patient if I run a little long compiling the numbers, as we now have well over 100 submissions.

I am pretty sure what the top 2 scores are, and I think that 3,4,5 are most likely to be, but 6 -10 will be interesting. The entire list will also go well beyond 10.

I am anxious to see how many actual scores actually made the list, as our tastes on this board vary dramatically.

one last thing.



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Top Posters In This Topic

YES, up until the time I gave above. Its your list, change it how you feel, but after the deadline, I have asked Ricard to lock the thread so do it before Friday.

I myself altered my lists order, though not the content.

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Numbers 1 and 2 will be most likely be taken by ESB and Raiders, sicne those scores made almost every list.

You fool, you left off Heartbeeps.


Neil, we didn't tell you something, we have secretly posted the real #1 which as you guessed is Heartbeeps, but because we didn't tell you every list has to be highlighted to see the actual #1 score. Every single person has put Heartbeeps #1. Except you of course. Its amazing.

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I estimate 10 1/2 hours till the official thread is locked.

s-hands, who knows Joe was disappointed in the beginning of the "poll" due to the lack of replies, but he must be happy now, because since Ricard posted the announcement in the main site, the Top 10s ammount has substantially increased 8O

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