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Ennio Morricone's Fatti di Gente Perbene (new Quartet CD)


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Fatti di Gente Perbene

Ennio Morricone
Quartet Records proudly presents the expanded, definitive edition of Ennio Morricone's sixth collaboration with director Mauro Bolognini.
Starring Catherine Deneuve and Giancarlo Giannini, Fatti di gente perbene (1974) is based on a true story about the notorious Murri trials of Bologna. Linda Murri is stuck in a loveless marriage to Count Francesco Bonmartini. Her brother Tullio hatches an ingenious scam and kills the count who was known for having lovers by the side. Hoping that a prostitute gets charged, Tullio is soon targeted as the likeliest suspect by a ruthless investigator who tries to convict the enire family and some friends based on their political beliefes.
Also known as Drama of the Rich in English, the film contains one of the most beautiful and romantic scores Morricone ever delivered for Bolognini. Inspired by the picturesque locations like Bologna, Venice and Zürich, the melancholic love theme is actually written to represent the bond between Linda and Tullio. The memorable chime melody for the murder may be familar as a similiar theme was used as the pocketwatch song in Per qualche dollaro in più.
The score of Fatti di gente perbene has been issued numerous times, starting with an original Cinevox single in 1974. The soundtrack LP was first issued by Polydor in Japan in 1976 with a 19-track program. This release curiously forgets to mention Morricone on the front sleeve, but conductor Bruno Nicolai is properly credited!. The next LP (using the French title La grande bourgeoise) was released in America in 1981 by Cerberus Records containing a slightly different 18-track program. The Italian LP by Cinevox was released in 1984 with the same 18-track program as the Cerberus album. The CD debut came in 1991 when Cinevox paired up Fatti di gente perbene with the music to Divina creatura; the same dual presentation was used in Japan by SLC. After so many different presentations, Quartet Records is proud to present the first ever complete release of the score with the full original Japanese 19-track program followed by 14 previously unreleased tracks, including the single version of “Accade a Venezia”.
This album has been restored and mastered by Dàniel Winkler and Claudio Fuiano from first generation master tapes, courtesy of Cinevox, and the package includes 12-page liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score in detail. It’s dark, it’s romantic, it’s tragic – it’s done in a way only Morricone could do it.."
01. Accadde a Venezia (2:37)
02. A Bologna (1:27)
03. Quella Volta a Bologna (0:54)
04. Al Bar (1:50)
05. Le Chiacchiere Confidenziali (2:33)
06. La Casa di Linda (0:48)
07. La Lotta tra Naldi e Tullio (0:54)
08. Il Tema per un Assassinio (2:23)
09. Dopo L’Assasinio (0:47)
10. l’Inizio delle Indagine (0:53)
11. Il Tema per il Procuratore Stanzani (0:34)
12. L’Arresto e l’Interrogatorio di Rosa (2:18)
13. l’Addio tra Linda e Tullio (2:42)
14. Nel Parco di Zurigo (1:58)
15. l’Arresto di Linda (1:07)
16. Il Suicidio di Naldi (1:10)
17. Tribunale (3:27)
18. l’Urlo (1:17)
19. Il Tema Finale “Accadde a Venezia” (1:43)
20. Il Tema per un Assassinio (ombre nella mente) (1:58)
21. Dopo l’Assasinio (amore dopo la paura) (1:13)
22. Tribunale (sotto accusa) (1:19)
23. La Casa di Linda (antichi ricordi) (0:52)
24. Il Tema per un Assassinio (mente distorta) (2:12)
25. l’Arresto di Linda (torbida malinconia) (2:11)
26. l’Arresto e l’Interrogatorio di Rosa (colloquio) (1:32)
27. l’Addio tra Linda e Tullio (tragico distacco) (2:52)
28. Tribunale (dolorosa sentenza) (0:56)
29. Il Tema per il Procuratore Stanzani (misteriosa attesa) (1:09)
30. Nel Parco di Zurigo (tra gli alberi) (1:55)
31. A Bologna (senso di abbandono) (1:59)
32. Il Tema per un Assassino (deviazioni) (1:13)
33. Accadde a Venezia (ultimo incontro) (2:15)
Total Disc Time: 56:22 (Stereo)
Limited Collector’s Edition of 500 units.
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