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Howard Shore's The Desolation Of Smaug (Hobbit Part 2)


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I agree with you actually. I'd rather hear the whole thing closer to the film's release. But if you were to give me the full stream right now, there's no way I'd be able to resist.

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There'll obviously be samples available. But I don't think we'll get the entire score in advance, not like last time.

I think it's better we don't get to stream the whole thing. Leaves surprises for the CD release and film release. Although I hope the surprises in the film aren't similar to the musical surprises in AUJ... Last year we got two of three full pieces, 30 second samples, 1 minute samples and a full stream! I think just a single track would be enough this year.

We already had one! It's called I See Fire.


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That was just plain cruel...Everytime I see this thread bumped I get momentarily excited.

In related matters, there's no word of Wellington Town Hall being closed off for extra sessions, nothing from the NZSO, no tweets about last-minute work from the London Voices (yet)...the signs appear to be good. Unless of course new music is needed but Jackson has decided not to bother with last-minute recording sessions and has just plundered music from earlier soundtracks instead. :peepwall:

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"Feat of Starlight" sounds lovely and the action music "The Forest River" is awesome. "The Edge of the Wild" returns in "High Fells" and it sounds great! There was also a menacing low-winds rendition of the Woodland Realm music in "The Nature of Evil", a lovely statement of the Erebor theme in "On the Doorstep", some really cool hints of Smaug's Theme and its inverted variation in "Inside Information" and "A Liar and a Thief"!

And wow! The choral work in "Beyond the Forest". I can't wait for that!

Other than that a lot of the samples seem to focus on the filler material though.

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I really can't wait to hear the whole of 'In the Shadow of the Mountain'. It sounds like it's tinged with a lot of sadness and longing, and if it does indeed feature a new rendition of the Dwarrowdelf theme it might all be too much.

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Barrels out of bond!! With the DIZI!!


The dizi is an ethnic Chinese flute, and it was employed in the DoS score.

But I think that's a tin whistle we hear in Barrels Out of Bond, not a dizi.

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Well I think the speculation that Conrad Pope orchestrating/conducting instead of Shore would affect the score negatively can be completely squashed, this sounds absolutely Shore through and through. It sounds amazing!!

Hard to get too much of a feel for the score from 30 second blips, but there seems to be a variety of good stuff here.

Favorite bits so far are the Bilbo material in Barrels out of Bond, and the action adventure opening to The Forest River

Smaug stuff at the end seems really cool!

Based on the Quest For Erebor sample, it seems the film's opening logos are scored with another brand new theme! I wonder if it will return in the finale like AUJ's (originally) did?

RETURNING themes I hear in these samples:

03 A Necromancer

0:02-0:27 is this a new variation of Descending Thirds?

08 Barrels Out Of Bond

0:00-0:13 Bilbo's Adventure Theme

0:22-end Bilbo's Fussy Theme

12 The High Fells

0:09-0:11 is that choral word from the Ringwraith theme?

0:11-end the High Fells strings from Edge of the Wild

13 The Nature of Evil

all The Woodland Realm theme (theme when Thranduil enters Erebor in My Dear Frodo)

17 Durin's Folk

0:18- 0:28 Erebor

18 In The Shadow of the Mountain

all Is this the opening logos theme from AUJ?

19 A Spell of Concealment

0:11-end Descending Thirds

21 The Courage of Hobbits

0:09-end The Shire

22 Inside Information

0:07-0:09 first two notes of Smaug's Theme

24 A Liar and a Thief

0:02-0:25 Smaug's inverted theme (from Axe or Sword)

Did I miss anything?

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