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Michael Kamen's Crusoe - new Quartet CD July 5 2013


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World premiere release of Michael Kamen’s moving, emotional score dated in 1988 for Caleb Deschanel personal vision of Robinson Cruso, starring Aidan Quinn and Elvis Payne.

Michael Kamen (Highlander, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Licence to Kill, Mona Lisa) provides one of its best efforts: a reflexive, ethnic influenced score dominated by a melancholy melody that reflects the character of Crusoe. The music was performed by The National Philarmonic Orchestra.

Now after spending nearly as long in Michael Kamen’s archives as Daniel Defoe’s castaway did on the author’s remote island, Crusoe has finally been rescued for CD. Its score is presented here in the form the composer originally conceived for its (never-released) soundtrack album. Crusoe remains one of Michael Kamen’s most intimate and evocative works, portraying Crusoe’s island as a state of mind as much as a rugged place for adventure. More importantly, his work showed it was a place where so-called civilized and primitive music could share a common bond of humanity.

The package includes a 16-page full color booklet, and liner notes by Daniel Schweiger, who discuss the film and the score, and also includes interviews with Caleb Deschanel and sound engineer Stephen McLaughlin.

01. The Slave Escapes (3:02)

02. The Ship (1:05)

03. The Storm and the Shipwreck (5:43)

04. The Crab (1:08)

05. Grave Marker (3:19)

06. Eating Bugs (0:56)

07. The Raft (5:40)

08. Boat Building (3:42)

09. Crusoe (1:41)

10. Not Alone (2:28)

11. The Beach (0:55)

12. Outrigger (0:59)

13. Escape (5:50)

14. End Credits (3:24)

Total Disc Time: 41:02

Limited Collector’s Edition of 1000 units.


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Cool anecdote from Doug @ Intrada about Kamen

Way back years ago when we had just signed to do MGM's Company Business as it was opening in theaters, I phoned Michael Kamen to make preparations for our album. Upon answering my call, his very first comment was simply unforgettable. "Ah, yes... " he said. "The Jerry Goldsmith label". What a sweet way to kick off our relationship. Michael Kamen was warm and passionate. Truly one of the greats.
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