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The Action Figure, Model Kit and Movie Memorabilia Thread

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On today's episode of "Holko's bonkers tiny paper shit": the Power Loader form Aliens!   No tiny Ripley in it, but still cool.   So what's the actual size?  

Merry Christmas from Godzilla!

An EVA pod from 2001?   And speaking of which, here’s the latest addition to my poster collection:  



I ordered this dollhouse of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It comes with one of those squat ugly dolls that are shit, but the little dollhouse itself looks awesome. I will throw out the baldie doll.


I also ordered a doll of the original King Kong by Neca, which looks cool.


I also ordered a custom miniature dollhouse of the Psycho house by some artist in Ireland on Etsy for like 200 bucks.


I guess I'll end up having a fairly extensive knickknack shelving unit.

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I have the Micro Machines of that too from the same set, but I believe it's just Excelsior with different registration. I don't like those big plastic display bases for those models. That Micro Machine Enterprise is the perfect little knickknack to say I'm a Trekkie without cluttering the whole house with dolls and such.

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34 minutes ago, Bespin said:

The real King Kong for me remain this one.


View master... That was a thing!







I had so many view master reels. Mine was black and made of metal. I spent many hours browsing. I had the King Kong one too. 



Found this little guy and just couldn’t resist. He’s no bigger than my thumb.





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I dont know if there would be a more specific thread for this...


Does anyone here collect jurassic park merchandise? If affirmative...does anyone have 1993's "jurassic park the boardgame" and "jurassic park dinosaur escape" card game?

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11 hours ago, Naïve Old Fart said:

Are these to scale, because, if they are, then Godzilla is toast.


Doubtful. Even though they're both from X Plus.


For some reason they made the 2019 Godzilla smaller than the 2014 one (I never bought that one), so their true comparable scale is probably more accurate in this pic:




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