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James Newton Howard's Wyatt Earp (3CD La-La Land Complete)


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Well I wanted to find the Wyatt Earp thread to include some art I found online only to find there wasn't a thread, so here it is!





La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Pictures, TIG Productions and Warner Bros. Music mark La-La Land's 250th soundtrack release and Warner Bros. 90th anniversary with this special, 3-CD expanded archival collection release of James Newton Howard's (THE FUGITIVE, GRAND CANYON, DAVE) masterful original score to the 1994 Warner Bros. epic western WYATT EARP, starring Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, and Gene Hackman, and directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Considered by many to be the finest piece of western film scoring in decades, this notable work by Mr. Howard is finally given the deluxe treatment it has always warranted. Discs 1&2 feature the expanded film score, while Disc 3 contains bonus and source cues, as well as original 1994 soundtrack album edits. Supervised by the composer and producer/actor Kevin Costner, this over-162 minute presentation was produced by Dan Goldwasser, mastered by James Nelson and is limited to 3000 units. Tim Greiving's exclusive, in-depth liner notes round out this must-have soundtrack release.



  1. Pre-Main Titles* (1:42)
  2. Main Titles (4:40)
  3. Virgil & James Return/Boys Go to Town (2:52)
  4. The Wagon Train* (1:09)
  5. The Gunfight/Sandstorm*+ (1:20)
  6. Hit to Kill* (long version) (1:14)
  7. The Wagon Chase* (2:42)
  8. The Railroad/Wyatt Plays Hardball* (3:22)
  9. Wyatt Shoots Fireworks*/ Wyatt Returns to Lamar* (2:30)
  10. Talk on the Porch (2:06)
  11. The Wedding* (long version) (4:30)
  12. Winter to Spring/Wyatt's Nightmare* (3:08)
  13. Urilla Dies (4:33)
  14. Nicholas Springs Wyatt (1:31)
  15. Wyatt Watches Buffalo*/Skinning Buffalo*(1:55)
  16. The Buffalo Hunt* (long version) (2:08)
  17. Deputy Earp*/Wyatt at Work*/Wyatt Meets Lou* (long version) (2:13)
  18. Dodge City/New Laws* (3:11)
  19. Too Affable* (1:52)
  20. Wyatt Rides to Shannsey's*/Ed Dies* (1:48)
  21. It All Ends Now/Mourning Ed (3:13)

Total Disc Time: 54:21


  1. Tombstone* (long version) (1:06)
  2. Mattie Wants Children (1:56)
  3. Bringing in Stillwell*/Making Bail (2:55)
  4. Stage From Prescott*/Wyatt Meets Josie* (3:56)
  5. The Saddletramp*+/Passing the Bottle*/ Startin' a Commotion* (4:52)
  6. The River Seduction (2:56)
  7. Releasing Curly Bill*/Wyatt Takes a Drink* (2:01)
  8. Wyatt and Josie in Bed (2:56)
  9. The Night Before* (long version) (3:22)
  10. The Brothers Prepare/The Shootout* (8:17)
  11. The Aftermath* (2:18)
  12. Cosmopolitan Hotel*/Walk to Jail*+/The Trial*/Virgil is Ambushed* (3:10)
  13. Morgan Dies (5:03)
  14. Where's Morgan?* (3:05)
  15. Guarding the Train*/The Train Shootout* (4:35)
  16. We've Stayed Too Long/One for Morgan* (2:47)
  17. Ride Outta Town*+ (long version) (2:12)
  18. The Posse*+/Indian Charlie (2:34)
  19. Campfire*++/Wyatt's Ambush* (2:59)
  20. Nice Mob (2:28)
  21. It Happened That Way (1:10)
  22. End Credits* (4:11)

Total Disc Time: 71:33



    1. Dodge City* (alternate introduction) (1:02)
    2. Deputy Earp* (alternate) (0:24)
    3. The Wedding (short version) (3:16)
    4. Wyatt Meets Lou* (short version) (0:40)
    5. The Buffalo Hunt* (short version) (1:09)
    6. Tombstone* (short version) (0:59)
    7. Ride Outta Town* (short version) (0:59)
    8. Wyatt Meets Josie* (long version) (0:59)
    9. The Night Before (short version) (3:12)
    10. Where's Morgan?* (alternate) (3:05)
    11. Ride Outta Town*+ (alternate) (0:59)
    12. It Happened That Way* (alternate) (1:18)

    13. Funeral Procession* (1:04)
    14. Funeral Procession* (alternate 1) (1:02)
    15. Funeral Procession* (alternate 2) (1:03) composed by Brad Dechter

    16. The Wagon Chase* (1:52)
    17. The Buffalo Hunt* (2:09)
    18. Cosmopolitan Hotel* (1:02)
    19. The Posse* (1:11)
    20. Wyatt's Ambush* (1:42) BONUS TRACK
    21. It's a Boy*/JNH Speech* (6:50)

Total Disc Time: 36:46
*previously unreleased
+ heard in the Expanded Edition
++ not used in either version

Total Album Time: 162:40


LLLCD 1250





Anyways, what I wanted to point out was that you can get a high res version of the cover WITHOUT the WB banner - as well as glimpse some sample pages from the booklet - at Warm Butter's site



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So talk to me about this one. I never had interest in the movie, but JNH is a constantly reliable source of great music. Should I get this one?

- Uni

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I was first introduced to this score way back in 2003/4 ish when discovering random film music cues. To my film music-infant ears, the Main Titles was incredible.

I think it tends to be a tad gushed upon by some, given its old-fashioned orchestral style, but there's no doubting it's exactly that - thematic and memorable.

My primary complaint is a bit of repetition in places, making some of the themes outstay their welcome a little for me. It's a bit like Goldsmith did sometimes, where he did endless thematic statements rather than some more incidental underscore. But, the film (which I've never seen) having a more romantic focus means there are many more beautiful moments than you'd expect in a western.

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I'm not a big western person, but this is a good score. Melodic and bold, there is always something going on. It's kind of similar to Hidalgo, but better.

The only drawback is that you might not find yourself listening a lot to such a long presentation. It's a very expansive album.


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This is one of my favourite soundtrack recordings. A wonderful reminder of how much the expansive palette of the western has offered opportunities for enjoyable 'stand-alone' music.

I remember seeing Wyatt Earp at the cinema in the summer of 1994 and the music was so fundamental to my enjoyment of the movie. I remember 'walking on air' when I left the cinema, promptly buying the soundtrack the very next day. If you want to hear JNH's Main Title piece redeployed by Costner, check out the trailer for Costner's other wonderful western Open Range.


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This is a tremendous score by Howard and you can really hear him relishing the opportunity to score an old fashioned western. 

I do think however that the full expanded score kiiiinda gets a bit repetitive after a while. And that’s mostly due to the pacing/plot of the movie itself ( so no shade on Howard) I think the ost is a great summation of the highlights . A 5 star score all around.

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One of those cases where a full single CD feels sufficient, but it depends on selecting the right music.


I tend to find the more suspenseful material a bit dull, but the romantic, action, and 'travelling somewhere' music really good. I've never really had the heart to remove tracks from the LLL edition though.

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One of my all-time favorites! Great, great music and a fantastic release by LLL. Get it while you still can! I wonder how much this will fetch on the used CD market after 5 or 10 years ...

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