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Lol, those are great graphics though.

Yes, they were very special when I received them for myself.

Now that special-ness is RUINED!!

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For this birthday wish, I decided I had to totally go somewhere new - I mean, how many times has happy birthday been said before? It's intimidating coming in after a legacy like that. I wasn't even sure I wanted to take it on myself; the folks of JWFan had to really convince me. I thought long and hard about what exactly a happy birthday represents, what its essence is, and finally they said, "you know, just do your own thing and don't worry about the past!" That turned out to be exactly what I needed to hear. I decided that the sound of burning candles, and their subsequent blowing-out, was a really honest way to represent the feelings one has on a birthday.

But in all seriousness... a happy birthday to Hans, who still has my love, at least.

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