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What kind of TV do you own?

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Got a 55" LG's OLED (the B9) two months ago. Fantastic TV, watching e.g. Netflix's and YouTube's 4K content (with or without HDR10/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos), blu-rays and Berliner Philharmoniker's Digital Concert Hall concerts is pure joy and a fantastic experience. :wub: Next purchase will be a soundbar.

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Parents' TV suddenly died with large plastic pops yesterday so they bought a new big 4k hdr one. Tested it with the new Attenborough docu which looked damn great. Too bad the sub-HD TV channels look like dogshit on it.

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45 minutes ago, AC1 said:


Better make it QLED then. 

I am saving for the QLED high end tv for the living room. Curved tvs are not being produced anymore. I dont need a high end tv in the bedroom. My 40 inch is having issues and a 50 inch will seem large in my 12 by 14 bedroom. 

39 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:



I don't watch porn on tv. Thats what the computer is for. Besides its more fun to make porn than watch it

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Alex I thought you went Qled. 

Samsung has their OLED now. LGhas nano pixels. The sicence and tech of new tvs is staggering. Soon glass-less 3D will emerge and 3D tvs wont be a gimic but the norm. 

Imagiine watching a football game and a strong safety lowers his helmet while tackling a wide receiver in 3D. I know Mark O and I would come off the couch for that kind of hit.

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I was just gifted a 45" SONY  widescreen monitor but I'm sticking with my PANASONIC 20" flat screen, non- reflecting, cathode ray classic😊

On 10/26/2020 at 1:26 PM, riotengine said:

I have a Vizio 50-inch, HDTV, that's 3D capable. It's older now, so I'm hoping I'll get a few more years use out of it.

Time to get a NEWER model!






You can't put KONG...REX...GODZILLA on top of a flat screen



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Vincent has spoken, and I have to feel for Alexcremers. What an embarrassing oversight on his part. 


For me, HDR has been the defining new tech advance of HD era TVs in the past twenty years, I consider it to be a genuine evolution of image fidelity and colour clarity in the moving image. I had no idea that OLED was so ill equipped to display HDR, and I'm frankly relieved I hadn't yet invested in the tech for my living room. Because that shit is expensive, considering! 

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