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Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

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Titles in GREEN are released (or announced to be released). Titles in RED are unreleased, and no announcement has been made. Some may not be US releases, but European ones. The release

EARTHQUAKE is coming in a collector's edition from Shout on May 21st!   DISC ONE: Theatrical Cut of the Film  Special Features: • NEW 2K scan of the interpositive of the theatrical cut (

Theatrical cut of The patriot is coming in a new 4K restoration from the original negative, in 4K Bluray (unfortunately only on UHD and not on regular bluray too) http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=

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Great! I’ve been looking forward to this.

And bummer! They f*ed up the art.


Why’d they change the preliminary cover art (released about a month ago), that one was - maybe boring (?) - but at least it doesn’t feel cheap. And it’s a classic motif! I kinda liked the subtle update from the original poster.


Edit: Oh, wait. It seems this was also the cover of a 40th anniversary BD.



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15 minutes ago, thx99 said:

Thanks, @filmmusic!  But what gives you the impression it's a BD-R?  Just curious.

They say it's because on the side (if you see the big image), it doesn't have the bluray logo but it just says blu-ray disc.

Other Paramount blurays are being released that day and they are all BD-Rs according to bluray.com.

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37 minutes ago, filmmusic said:

Angela's Ashes is being released in USA in one month, but in what looks like a BD-R, not a pressed disc, so beware!



That cover looks so depressing that I'm probably never going to watch the film.

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Also, it's an Alan Parker film, and, IMO, any Alan Parker film is worth watching.

Actually, the Blu cover only tells half the story. The poster for the film shows the father in the background, waking away from the boy. Put that together with the boy looking at the camera, in the foreground, and it says a lot.

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Not Alan Parker's best by a long shot (has quite a bit of awkward melodrama), but it's pretty decent. The score, however, is one of the best Williams has ever written. Great to know that it's getting a BR release in some form.

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Yes, I've known about this for some time.


We still don't know WHERE the cue comes from, though. As Jeff Eldridge points out in the link above, the film uses existing music because there was a musician's strike at the time, so either Williams was a strikebreaker and provided an original theme, or they used an existing theme of his from an unknown source. But if the latter were the case, he wouldn't have received the odd 'theme' credit when the existing music by Goldsmith, Stevens et.al. didn't. Mysterious.


Never expected this film to be released on BR, though. Impressive!

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Coming soon a french edition of DRACULA  (Theatrical Version + Bonus) in a Digipack Bluray/DVD !!!! (Pre order - 03/03/2021)





Available on Amazon.fr





BR 1: Cinema version

- Dracula according to John Badham by Christophe Lemaire (20 min)
- "What Sad Music": interview with screenwriter W.D. Richter (33 min)

- Trailer and radio spots


BR 2: Desaturated version of the director -1: 49: 23

- "King of my Mind": interview with John Badham (32 min)

- The phantasmagoria of Maurice Binder by Alexandre Jousse (14 min)

- New Blood for Dracula (40 min) - Photo gallery


DVD: Cinema Version

- Dracula according to John Badham by Christophe Lemaire (20 min)


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On 1/17/2021 at 6:03 AM, filmmusic said:

The upcoming Black Sunday bluray will include a bonus interview on John WIlliams' score:

“FOURTH DOWN: COMPOSING BLACK SUNDAY” – An all-new interview with film music historian Daniel Schweiger about the John Williams score. (2020)


Why must this be exclusively released in Australia? Dang it!

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