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Yet another Spielberg project: "The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara"

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He could write a sort of long suite for this movie before actually seeing it and let Spielberg use it as he pleases. 

If Williams can't do it, one of the Newmans can! I want more Rey's Theme!   I think there'll be some extensive choir pieces if JW scores this. Given the time period and location, it has the

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Oscar Isaac has dropped out of the film, in addition to the film being postponed indefinitely (early 2018 shoot, before Spielberg starts Indy V?)



Oscar Isaac is one of the industry’s most sought after actors at the moment.  It was reported that Steven Spielberg had cast him in his upcoming project “The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara,” a project that had the makings of a true Oscar player.  A source has revealed that Isaac has dropped out of the project due to “personal reasons.



Seems like Spielberg's struggle to find a child actor for the lead role, Isaac dropping out for family reasons (his mother passed away in February), and The Post landing in his lap with Streep & Hanks available all combined to make delaying Mortara the best option.


Unfortunately I get the feeling Mortara will join Robopocalypse as another 'almost' movie that never sees the light of day.

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I vaguely recall Spielberg eyeing Isaac for a role in Montezuma, too.


He's pretty in demand between his film and theater commitments, so I reckon the boat might have sailed on this project. Of course, if anyone can make schedules work, it's Spielberg.

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6 hours ago, crumbs said:

I get the feeling Mortara will join Robopocalypse as another 'almost' movie that never sees the light of day.


Sure seems that way, along with "It's What I Do"




5 hours ago, Muad'Dib said:





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She's not without talent. She just needs something more "raw" maybe, something that doesn't scream "I'M JENNIFER LAWRENCE!" when she appears on screen...


I enjoyed her performance in Winter's Bone, before her massive fame. 

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7 minutes ago, BloodBoal said:

Chris Pratt was fine in Parks And Recreation or even Guardians Of The Galaxy (to an extent), but when he tries to play a serious character... Yeah, don't do that...


He was also fine in ZERO DARK THIRTY, IMO -- even if the role is relatively small.


Never had an issue with him myself. Big fan of PARKS & RECREATION; maybe that's why. I also like Jennifer Lawrence when she's "on". And she's gorgeous, so I can enjoy her in a superficial way even if the role is inferior.

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Pratt was good in Zero Dark Thirty, but he barely spoke...


I haven't seen him in enough dramatic roles, but he was great in Parks and Rec and he works in Guardians. It's why I don't mind him as much. He hasn't exhausted his charm like Lawrence has.

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Based on comments from Meryl Streep in this Q&A about the The Post, Spielberg was deep into real preproduction on this movie.


I hope that means it could come out next year.



Streep: [Producer] Amy Pascal sent me Liz Hannah’s script, and I just loved it. I didn’t think that it could get made. And then Steven stepped in, and everything came together in like twenty minutes…Steven was prepping another movie in Italy. He had his whole crew there. Everything was set up, sets built, ready to go. Is that right?

Hanks: Yeah, the role was for a 7-year-old kid or a 13-year-old kid.

Streep: And I think he had to be bilingual in Italian and Hebrew.

Whitford: (Jokingly) I was up for that. (Everyone laughs)

Streep: And they couldn’t find the little boy. [For the film The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara.] 



THis of course assumes that they're able to cast the boy.

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And presumably that other competing version is dead in the water now...


On 9/15/2016 at 4:45 AM, TownerFan said:

Harvey Weinstein is preparing another film on the same subject, with Robert De Niro set to star:




Typical Hollywood craziness.

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