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easy piano arrangements of HP and LOTR


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I made some arrangements for a piano student that has been taking piano for 4 years. They require you to know notes on and off the staff, be able to play both hands, read sharps and flats, and be comfortable changing your hand position on the piano.

If you want copies, let me know and i'll send them as pdf.

Parts of them are harder, but for the most part, if you can read notes and know the themes, you can figure it out.


here is a sample image.

the little squares won't be on the original.


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wow! it looks pretty interesting! can you send me a copy too? (if it's not a problem, no matter if you can't) :) better tou my mail account luciusmalfoy@eresmas.com

Maybe this will be the final "thing" who can push me to learn piano at last :)

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has anyone tried this? i am just wondering if my description of what you needed to know was accurate enough to decide if you could play it.

Ren, who is currently orchestrating Fawkes for grade 3 band.

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I'd be very interested in obtaining these as well. I play the piano at the intermediate level and have been trying to find "easier" versions of Harry Potter and LOTR!! If you could send them my way, I'd appreciate it.

How is it in Maine? Still cold?

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P. S. has anyone actually tried them yet?

I have. Been playing Fawkes' theme all week. Having some trouble moving my left hand, though. But with a little more practice, I'll figure it out.

- Marc, who'd like a music teacher like Ren. :(

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