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Concert Suggestions please

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As some of you know I'm responsible for the program of a youth orchestra (TiFiCo) We play every semester some concerts, and like to play film music. We were founded 1996, and played already a lot of music: see http://www.tifico.ch/konzerte/2003-01/index.php (unfortunately in german)

Our next concert will be next summer with

*Far and Away

*Carmen Suite

*Skies (world premiere for Symphonic orchestra, composed by Oliver Waespi, CH)

*Mask of Zorro

*Lara's Them

*and Finlandia as 1st. encore

I am planning actually the concerts in Jan./Feb. 2004

So I ask for suggestions, what to play (not only Williams please)

A first Idea is a "Disney, Cartoon, Children" Program, with

Hook and sorcerer's apprentice.

If you have suggestions, pleas keep in mind, that the sheet music has to be available. So if you have suggestions, pleas ad the source of the sheet music.

Thank you!

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Play this!!!!!

Shostakovich Festive Overture, Op. 96

Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings


Williams Theme from Born on the Fourth of July

Horner Main Title from The Rocketeer

Goldsmith Closing Title from Alien

Williams Adventures on Earth from E.T.


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