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Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

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Nah, Little Mermaid will be another good one.

You know something?

Man you really like teasing us, or have the Emperor's foreseeing abilities... :P

BTW, I recently "re-discovered" the Pocahontas special edition, because it's my GF favourite disney film, and fell in love with the added song and finale. I just hope they are included in the Legacy set (why wouldnt they...but who knows...) It would be nice to have the film version (if it is not the same performance, if it is just a dialed out edit then good riddance!) and full version of the finale (the special edition only uses part of the lyrics, a lengthier rendition was recorded)

One year to know...

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Little mermaid info and tracklist:

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid takes you on a musical voyage you will never forget. This beautiful book-bound two disc collectible set features the award winning music from the film, never before released demos and working tapes from Howard Ashman and Alan Menken and more. Exclusively illustrated by the talented Lorelay Bove, WDR The Legacy Collection is a musical masterpiece every fan will enjoy.


01. Fathoms Below
02. Main Titles
03. Fanfare
04. Daughters of Triton
05. Intro Ariel
06. Intro Ursula
07. Triton Reprimands
08. Sebastian’s Dilemma
09. Part of Your World
10. Fireworks
11. The Storm
12. Part of Your World (Reprise) / Ursula Plots
13. Ariel in Love
14. Under the Sea
15. Sebastian and Triton
16. Destroying the Grotto
17. Flotsam and Jetsam
18. Ursula’s Lair
19. Poor Unfortunate Souls
20. She’s Got Legs
21. Sebastian Relents
22. On Land
23. Miss Manners
24. Les Poissons
25. Crab On a Plate / Bedtime
26. Tour of the Kingdom
27. Kiss the Girl
28. Ariel Left Behind
29. Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)
30. The Truth
31. Interrupting the Wedding / Ursula’s Defeat
32. Happy Ending Performed


01. Fathoms Below Work Tape
02. Daughters of Triton Synth Demo
03. Part of Your World Synth Demo
04. Fireworks / The Gigue Score Piano Demo
05. The Storm Score Piano Demo
06. Under the Sea Synth Demo
07. Poor Unfortunate Souls Basic Synth Demo
08. Poor Unfortunate Souls Final Synth Mockup
09. Les Poissons Work Tape Demo
10. Les Poissons Synth Demo
11. Kiss the Girl Synth Demo B
12. Happy Ending Score Piano Demo
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I did say about the newer scores getting better treatment. I'm wondering if it's costly to adequately clean/remix the old masters for the older scores.

I may buy this, even if I don't really like the film. I need an expanded Menken on my shelf.

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I really wish they'd expand the older scores. I'm a child of the 80's/90's so I LOVE the expanded Lion King and am looking forward to Mermaid, but PLEASE, expand the older classics too!!

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Having watched The Fox and the Hound for the first time yesterday, if The Legacy Collection goes beyond 2016, I'd like to see that one done as the OST only contains the songs and none of the score.

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Pinocchio info (http://www.disneymusicemporium.com/rgshop/pinocchio/):


Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: Pinocchio is a charming album you won’t want to miss. This beautiful book-bound two disc collectible set celebrates the film’s 75th anniversary and features: the original restored soundtrack, 3 new Lost Chord recordings brought to life the way they would have sounded in 1940 and 5 bonus tracks featuring Jiminy Cricket. Plus the book includes enchanting illustrations and original concept art by Lorelay Bove.

Disc: 1
1. When You Wish Upon a Star (Cliff Edwards and the Disney Studio Chorus)
2. Little Wooden Head
3. Clock Sequence
4. Kitten Theme
5. The Blue Fairy
6. Give A Little Whistle (Cliff Edwards and Dickie Jones)
7. Old Geppetto
8. Off to School
9. Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me) (Walter Catlett)
10. So Sorry
11. I've Got No Strings (Dickie Jones)
12. Sinister Stromboli
13. Sad Reunion
14. Lesson in Lies
15. Turn on the Old Music Box
16. Coach to Pleasure Island
17. Angry Cricket
18. Transformation
19. Message from the Blue Fairy
20. To the Rescue
21. Deep Ripples
22. Desolation Theme
23. Monstro Awakens
24. Whale Chase
25. A Real Boy (Cliff Edwards and the Disney Studio Chorus)

Disc: 2
1. Rolling Along to Pleasure Island (Kate Higgins, Cindy Robinson, Randy Crenshaw, Jeff Gunn)
2. No Strings (Kate Higgins, Cindy Robinson, Randy Crenshaw, Jeff Gunn)
3. As I Was Sayin' to the Duchess (Randy Crenshaw)
4. You (Are a Human Animal) (Cliff Edwards)
5. Mickey Mouse Club Book Song (Cliff Edwards)
6. I'm No Fool (On a Bike) (Cliff Edwards)
7. Safety First/I'm No Fool (In Water) (Cliff Edwards)
8. Stop, Look and Listen/I'm No Fool (As a Pedestrian) (Cliff Edwards)

I dont know anything about this score... is it expanded?

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well it seems definately that the trend is:

Old scores: re-issue of previous material plus some bonus tracks. maybe remastered.

New scores: remastered almost complete and cronologial releases

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I am a little disappointed that Fantasia doesn't alter the mixes for the original recordings, meaning it's the same as the last issue of the OST. It's clear the original masters must have been lost. However, the inclusion of the re-recordings makes up for it in my book, and I'm still purchasing it even though I have the last issued OST.

What do you mean "almost" complete? Is something significant missing from Lion King or Little Mermaid?

Lion King misses out alternate versions. There are alternates slated for Circle of Life, Scar's Dinner, This Land, Stampede and Mufasa Dies. We know three of those were recorded for certain. There's also the Be Prepared Reprise which was in the earlier workprint versions of the film. However, it all depends on your view as to whether any of these count as 'significant'. I'd say the alternate Scar's Dinner is because it was in the film, but that's pretty much it.

I don't know about Little Mermaid though.

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What do you mean "almost" complete? Is something significant missing from Lion King or Little Mermaid?

Not anything significat.. but still they are not complete. it is not a great loss but i didnt want to write 'complete' in my post and be corrected by someone :P

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What's missing from The Little Mermaid?

Shame about those Lion King alternates. Would have made more sense to include those than demos

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For what have i read,

A cue between Fireworks and the Storm. The grotto revealed (it's like 15 sec)

Fireworks is missing a chorus overlay (that was in the original OST)

And Ariel's voice singing when she retrieves her voice is also missing. But that as important as it is, could be tracked from when she loses her voice of when ursula sings on the beach to they may have decided not to track it in the new album.

Otherwise it seems perfect (aside from a strange mix in the finale, that maybe is intentional and composed like it)

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Since Epcot opened in 1982, I imagine a Legacy Collection release for that would come out in 2017 for it's 35th anniversary.

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I have to assume that - assuming the 2014 and 2015 crop of Legacy Collection titles are selling well - that we'll see Beauty And The Best in 2016 and Aladdin in 2017 for their respective 25th anniversaries.

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Disney scores I'm still after:


ROBIN HOOD (George Bruns)




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