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Finally! New Varese Club Batch coming July 28th

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Robert Townson says on his personal Facebook

Now that I've returned from the spectacular 8th edition of Fimucité in Tenerife and the inspiring Hollywood Music Workshop in Baden, near Vienna, it's time to release some more film music. A special release from the Varèse CD Club, along with some new releases in our Limited Edition series will be announced Monday, July 28.


I'm sure Predator 2 will be one of them!

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Step 1: Buy Varese STID Step 2: Rip Varese STID Step 3: Put "Spock to Spock" from the leaked boot/sessions where it belongs in your digital playlist Step 4: Stop whining

So, no Karate Kid 4? Once again?

Star Trek Into Darkness: The Deluxe Edition (Michael Giacchino) No God, No Master (Nuno Malo) Wicked Blood (Elia Cmiral) Haunt (Reinhold Heil) STID for me

They continued to release 4 batches a year through 2012. Then in 2013 they had exactly one batch, at the end of the year, and the titles didn't even ship until January '14. That was the batch with Star Trek Nemesis, The Abyss, Brass Target, and three Encores.

EDIT: I just read his words more carefully. It's only ONE Club title, and "some" limited edition titles. D'oh.

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Club releases are expansions or premiere releases of older film scores.

The Limited Edition line is premiere releases of current / less than a year old film scores, usually films no one's ever heard of:

VSD-4201 The Stoning Of Soraya M. - John Debney
VSD-4202 In The Electric Mist - Marco Beltrami
VSD-4203 Jesse Stone: Stone Cold - Jeff Beal
VSD-4204 The Killing Room - Brian Tyler
VSD-4205 Oscar: The Color of Destiny - Diego Navarro
VSD-4206 Passchendaele - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
VSD-4207 Lost: The Last Episodes - Michael Giacchino
VSD-4208 The Special Relationship - Alexandre Desplat
VSD-4209 Devil - Fernando Velázquez
VSD-4210 Hostel, Part III - Frederik Wiedmann
VSD-4211 Columbus Circle - Brian Tyler
VSD-4212 The Mighty Macs - William Ross
VSD-4213 A Thousand Words - John Debney
VSD-4214 Mimesis - Diego Navarro
VSD-4215 Riddle - Scott Glasgow
VSD-4216 The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box - Fernando Velázquez
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It could be Into Darkness. Just because we know Predator 2 is coming doesn't mean it'll be immediately.

Was just about to post that. It actually makes more sense that this will be Into Darkness and two random LEs, and that Predator 2 is being held for a more traditional club batch of 5-6 titles.

I somehow doubt it will be Giacchino.



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The List of Adrian Messenger was released as a club title by itself as well. Doesn't have to always be a "huge" score.

II would be thinking Ten Commandments if BK hadn't said it wasn't Varese.

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It is curious that it almost perfectly matches the original leak, with the eception of having the first track joined like it is on the OST (though I'm only going by track times, of course - they migh have eliminated silence at the end and have a bigger gap).

The credits, curiously, are 8:43, while putting the three parts together from the leak makes it 7:19. 8:43 matches up with the film edit.

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Hmmmm surprising entries and Into Darkness is a nice surprise. And so soon after the release of the film. I guess there really is market for Giacchino's scores and will to get them out complete-ish when Varese does things so rapidly. I am on the fence whether to get this set.

No God, No Master sounds interesting by the description. I have to check out the samples once I get back home tonight. Of course there is the awful Latin error in one of the track titles which seems to have ended up on the CD track list itself. Oh the humanity! :P

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I guess the popularity of live to projection concerts, along with the recent release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, not to mention the sold out Star Trek: The Deluxe Edition... all this might have been a factor. Also, it seems Paramount's seems is willing to release everything related to the brand.


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I woke up early in the morning (well after the announcement) for a short time and saw this. Like a lot of you I was surprised to see Into Darkness as well. I thought with the knowledge of Predator 2 being worked on it would be with this batch and I wasn't expecting Into Darkness until later this year or next year.

Someone on FSM (I don't remember who) mentioned it coinciding with the release of the Blu-Ray Star Trek Compendium, which makes a lot of sense.


Either way, I ...well my dad ordered a copy of Into Darkness for me as an early birthday gift. I'm looking forward to getting it. I also hope it's in a regular double disc jeweled case and not an abomination of a case like the Star Trek (2009) Deluxe Edition is in...

Might just spring for Into Darkness.

I doubt you'll be disappointed with it.

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For a better listening experience, I guess. Anyway it's an odd choice.

I was sorta thinking the same lines. Ford Thaxton did say on FSM that Giacchino was involved with the set so he (Giacchino) probably was the one who nixed it. Still it's a huge cue to nix but oh well at least we got the rest of the score so in hind sight can't complain to much.

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