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Engraving scores

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Are you (also) crazy about engraving scores?

Please share:

- Why you like engraving

- What you like to engrave

- For what purpose you engrave

- What programme you use

- Youre best engraved score so far

Curious to know...

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Well, to answer your questions:

1. Are you crazy about engraving scores?

Yes, yes I am.

2. Why do you like engraving?

I've got several reasons I enjoy engraving. Primarily, I'm dysgraphic, so writing out notation in a legible way is nearly impossible for me. Instead, I've developed my own shorthand that helps alleviate that, and then use a computer to engrave anything I write, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to write music at all. Also, I am of the belief that music truly is the "dots on the page;" at the end of the day, any type of music I enjoy is at least possible to be transcribed to notation, even if it requires some unconventional devices to do so.

3. What do you like to engrave?

As I said above, I have to use engraving software for anything I write to be legible by anyone else. I also like trying to transcribe music I listen to.

4. For what reason do you engrave?

See above.

5. What program do you use?

Sibelius, with a boat-load of additional plugins.

6. Your best engraved score so far:

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this one. In terms of musicality, I wouldn't have the temerity to compare anything I personally write to the types of music I transcribe. As for transcribing something to engraved music, the biggest project I've ever done was trying to transcribe "The Breaking of the Fellowship" by ear. Note: while I say that's the biggest project I've done, it's still probably quite far from what Shore actually wrote.

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