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Michael Giacchino's Tomorrowland (2015)

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I'm at work and can't listen - any Giacchino music in this?

This is one of four Giacchino scores in 2015, along with Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World, and Inside Out

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What a beautiful score. Was just ideally doodling on my keyboard and found my fingers playing the main theme from this film. Went and listened to the soundtrack once again and yeah,  this is one of Gi

My favourite piece is still 'Casey vs Zeitgeist.' There's just something about it that screams the entire point and message of the film. The first half with the piano is melancholic and nostalgic, and

Stumbled on this soundtrack and listened to it. I like it! Has an optimistic touch that has gotten rare. The rhythmic motiv reminds of John Adams minimalism, its harmonic constant mediant changes

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I'm sure you will like this one, too. The soundtrack album is a very well constructed 43-minute non-chronological listening experience. In fact, I'd say it's Howard's best "album". If you don't count the fact the last score track fades directly into a modern cover of Bob Dylan song. That's slightly annoying if you don't include them in your playlist. But, other than that, it's just a perfect representation of this work. And no, expanded promo/sessions don't improve on things.


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Lady In The Water is a superb score. The Great Eatlon is one of JNH best cues. Freakin' majestic!

You need to listen to it asap, LeBlanc, instead of listening to Now You See Me and Sim City over and over again!

Oh, and I agree with croc that the recording sessions don't improve the listening experience much. A lot of repetitive material in there.

Yeah I have to agree. The album does contain most of the essential material. The Great Eatlon is on par with Flow Like Water from the Last Airbender is sheer majestic awe and wonder.

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It's a really great album presentation. Seriously sums up the best parts of the score in the most enjoyable fashion.

It's one of those scores that are immediately infectious. Not a slow-burner.

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Surprised nobody commented on that. I thought Brad Bird had a lot of fans here?

He does—at least right here. That's pretty much what has me interested in this movie, because the teaser didn't offer any info on what the movie's about, something of a pet peeve of mine. Brad Bird, however, is one director whose movies I'll go see based on no other information than his name alone. I'm there.

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What do you think are the chances that the Super Bowl trailer might use Giacchino's score, since they recording sessions were back in November? Was Jupiter Ascending's first trailer the first/only time his music has been used for a trailer?

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Just saw the Super Bowl commercial live while watching the game.

Holy shit it looks awesome! The spot shows way more than that old trailer did. Very excited for this film!

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On September 24th, Giacchino tweeted this:


That was probably just a teaser / trailer cue, or some other such early stuff. Seems as though the main recording sessions begin today - which falls in line with this tweet from Giacchino on Sep 4, which indicated he'd be writing Tomorrowland in November


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So 5 days of recording, then.

I am loving Brad Bird's enthusiasm for Giacchino's work. Their previous collaborations have been great and I imagine this one will be as well.


Also: Partial cue list!

1m1 A Story About The Future














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