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Star Trek is better than everything

Unlucky Bastard

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Star Trek in the 60's was a low budget show with imaginative but not very convincing sets, costumes and special effect.

But it looked more polished and professional then Doctor Who even when that show was in the hight of its popularity in the 70's and 80's. Classic Who has always looked incredibly cheap and cheesy.

Really only in the last few years I would say Who looks polished, at times even beautiful. But again the CGI is often second rate.

The Star Trek series of the 80's and 90's look dated now visually. But at the time they were top of the line.

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Doctor Who is just as cheap and tacky as Star Trek. If not more...


I mean... What the fuck?

Look, I'm far from a Star Trek fanboy. I enjoyed some of the films but I haven't seen any of the TV shows (and I agree that it looks cheap and tacky, but as I said, so does DW!). That's it. But it's pretty obvious to me than Star Trek is a much bigger thing that Doctor Who. I don't deny that DW is a british classic or anything, just that overall, I'm sure more people have heard of ST than of DW, and ST has a much larger fanbase.

The Daleks are a sci-fi design classic, so STFU.

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat embarked on a 'world tour' to launch last year's series of Doctor Who, attending premieres of 'Deep Breath' in the likes of Seoul, Sydney, Mexico City, Rio and New York (as well as Cardiff and London) and they were greeted by ecstatic crowds of Whovians. To suggest that Who now doesn't have a substantial global fanbase is simply wrong.

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Glad to hear you haven't been terrible. Hope your future will be more than just OK!

To bring things back on topic, what are your thoughts on, oh, Star Trek Into Darkness?

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