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'The Book Thief' Cue List

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I managed to obtain the complete cue list of The Book Thief's film score. It has slates. This is sourced from a promotional score that was released by Fox, on 2 compact discs. Williams seemed to have composed many alternates.. It would be interesting to hear your guys' opinions / analysis based off this cue list. But, what the heck are the first 6 cues?

0mB Theme 1

0mC Theme 2

0mD Max and Liesel (Piano)

0mE Max and Liesel (Oboe and Strings)

0mF The Book

0mG End Credits

1m02 Introduction

1m03 And I Cared

1m04 The Book Thief

1m04alt The Book Thief

1m06 Your New Home

1m07 At The Blackboard

1m08 School Yard Fight

1m08new School Yard Fight

1m10 The Foot Race

2m02 Is That Your Book

2m04 Leaving Mother

2m06 The Wall

2m08 Writing To Mama

2m10 Book Burning

2m12 I Hate The Fuhrer

2m14 The Arrival of Max

3m02 Give Me Your Word

3m04 Maxs Book

3m06 Not A Word

3m08v2 Curious Girl

3m10 Delivering The Laundry

3m10 Delivering The Laundry Redo

3m11 Ilsa Appears On The Stairs

3m12 The Library

3m14 Theyre Running Towards Me

4m02 Dear Fuhrer

4m04 Jellyfish

4m06 Silver Oysters

4m08 The Departure of Rudys Dad

4m10 The Snow Fight

4m10new The Snow Fight New Open

4m12 The Christmas Gift

5m02 Reading

5m04 Revealing The Secret

5m06 Rescuing The Book

5m08 Searching The Cellars

5m10 Moms Good News

5m12v2 Max Lives

5m12v2ext Max Lives Extension

6m02 Viewing The Stars

6m03 Street Arrest

6m04 Max Leaves

6m04v2 Max Leaves

6m06 The Train Station

6m08 I Hate Hitler!

7m02 Do You Know Max

7m04 Poppa Returns

7m09 Better Get Started

7m10 The Visitor At Himmel Street

7m10 The Visitor At Himmel Street redo

8m02 Rudys Death

8m02new Rudys Death

8m04 The Rescue

8m06v2 Finale

8m06v3 Finale

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Especially because they have the right to copy!

The first five cues are - and that pretty much indicates itself - little arrangements of the score's themes. I'm not really familiar with this score, so I don't know whether they were eventually used either on the OST, FYC or in the film. I don't know about the End Credits cue, but I assume it's track 22 on the OST.

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The OST has the Death/Providence Theme at the end of the End Credits as a solo piano coda. In the film the piece ends after The Visitor at Himmel Street section. Might this minute long addition be either 0mB or 0mC?

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Welcome to JWFan, Lockdown!

Well, this is fascinating! A 2CD promo release from Fox? First I've heard of it! Awesome!

I suppose I should link to this old spreadsheet I had made:


I guess I should update it with the info you have in the main post here!

EDIT: OK, I added a new tab to the spreadsheet. Looks like cue 2m14 Arrival of Max is one we didn't know about before, along with 3 alternates, and 4 of the 0m cues. Neat!

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