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Luke Skywalker

ET Unreleased cues

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I got these:

Eliot explores the cornfield

Eliot's First kiss

Stuffed animals

ET and Eliot say goodbye (alternate)

Is there more out there? (i mean unreleased music from the film and/or alternates)

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Assuming you have all 3 (!) OSTs, you should have everything. If you're planning on making an improved single-disc version of the score, you just have to pick which versions of "Searching For E.T.", "E.T. Is Alive", "Goodbyes", and "End Credits" you want.

Another solution is to edit parts of tracks together to for a better listening experience. I use - and highly recommend - Cool Edit 2000. I like to balance musicality with how it is in the film. Some examples of this in my own E.T. soundtrack:

- both beginnings of "Searching" are included (the alternate blending into the film version, in tempo)

- no obvious edit in the middle of "Alive" ('02 OST), but less space than the '96 OST

- the mixing of "Chase" with "Goodbyes" ('02 OST) is removed. Mine sounds like the '96 OST, but seemlessly edited from the '02 into the '96, then back to the '02.

- I put the alternate of "Ouch" (found on both the '96 and '02 OSTs) after "End Credits". If your unclear of what I mean by this, just watch this part at the end of the film. You'll hear a short section of music that is not in the other releases.

I prefer the film version, as it maintains the emotional drive better. The alternate section can also be found on both Boston Pops CD recordings.

I also renamed most of the track titles, which tell more about what's going on in the movie during the music. (I'll post them in the near future; this post is getting too long!)

My goal was to have as much of the '02 OST as possible, since sounds the best in terms of fidelity. I didn't want to pop in multiple versions of the score in order to hear all the music. (Unfortunately I don't own the original CD.)

I wish I could show everyone what I've done with the score, one of THE MAN's best.

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Luke,you still don't have E.T. is Dying film ver.,that's unreleased on any legit c.d....unfortunately.

K.M.Who just pointed that out a few moments ago.

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