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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - new 2CD set from La-La Land


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La-La Land is bringing THE POWER to WonderCon in Anaheim, CA! We proudly present the debut of our 2-CD SET of the HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE SOUNDTRACK! We will have this exciting release for sale at our WonderCon booth (#1724) at the big show (April 3-5). It will be released on our website April 7th. Retail Price is $24.98.
HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is the most deluxe presentation of original score from the beloved animated television series to date, featuring OVER 90 MINUTES OF PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MUSIC. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and John Takis, and mastered by Stephen Marsh and Fernando Lee, this 2-CD release features the remastered stereo foreign LP presentation, along with over 90 minutes of previously unreleased music meticulously restored from original mono tape elements. The exciting art design by Dan Goldwasser includes a 20 Page CD Booklet packed with art and exclusive in-depth liners by John Takis. This is a limited edition of 3000 Units.
So grab your piece of Eternia at our WonderCon booth before it is officially released on April 7th. We’ll also have some great deals at the con and look forward to meeting and greeting y’all!
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Congrats to Mr. John Takis for another producing credit!

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Wow, now THIS came out of left field.

Not only is the animated series one of my most cherished childhood memories (we had cable back in the mid 80s). I was such a big fan that I owned a LOT of stuff from the universe. I had Castle Greyskull, Skeletor, He-Man, Adam, Man-at-Arms, Orco, Battle Cat, Panthera, Clawful and several others.

What I'm trying to say is if I ever get this, it would be for nostalgic reasons alone. Outside the iconic main theme song, I can't remember much of the music.

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This was a Saban score. I've been told the rights to those pieces of music are here there and everywhere (Disney apparently had master use rights from when they originally bought Saban, BMG Chrysalis had release rights or something to that nature) so this release is very encouraging for future Saban production scores getting releases. Me, I'm hoping for (don't laugh) Digimon: The Movie.

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Not even childhood nostalgia will induce me to buy this set. Although I have to admit the most used "stock" pieces from the show have been indelibly engraved on my memory.

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I hope they will do Transformers.

We all have our animated favorites. I am hoping for The Transformers and G.I. Joe. However I think there is an issue w/Hasbro?

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This is not our mastered version but I found this on youtube and had to share it today. For this track alone we had to release this score. I am sure you have someone in your life who should have this music playing as they walk around.



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1. He-Man (Main Theme) 1:13

2. Teela’s Theme* 1:27

3. Orko’s Theme* 1:52

4. Sweet Dreams* 1:54

5. Facing the Castle* 1:28

6. Royal Family* 1:44

7. Run, Orko, Run* 0:59

8. The Castle* 2:05

9. Meditation* 1:47

10. Orko’s Time Machine* 1:36

11. Magic Planet* 2:54


12. He-Man at Home 1:41

13. Orko Means Well 1:23

14. He-Man Trapped 1:36

15. Prince Adam and Teela 1:35

16. Strangers in the Castle 1:36

17. Evil-Lyn 1:57

18. Battle in the Sky 1:04

19. Queen of the Planet Phantos 1:57

20. Evil-Lyn Chase 1:21

21. The Sorceress 1:49

22. Brave Teela 1:32

23. Trouble in Grayskull 1:10

24. Snake Mountain 1:10

25. Skeletor Chase 1:09

26. Darkness Falls 0:26

27. Attack Truck 1:39

28. Dragon Invasion 1:53

29. Dragon’s Eggs 1:16

30. Stone Statue 1:54

31. Skeletor’s Spaceship 1:11

32. Farewell 0:19

33. Beast Man and Skulls 1:21

34. Magical Orko 0:44

35. Greatest Show on Eternia 0:09

36. Circus Parade 1:03

37. Beast Man 0:36

38. Desolation 1:34

39. See You Again 0:16

40. Attack Truck Fight 0:47

41. Memories 0:35

42. Violent Attack (He-Man) 2:04

43. Memory Loss 1:05

44. Goodbye (Teela) 0:14

45. Meteor Attack 1:46

46. Journey Back in Time 1:51

47. Book-Man 0:43

48. Tar Swamp 1:14

49. Changes 0:43

50. Bad Attack 1:12

51. Flash Chase 0:55

52. Goodbye (Orko) 0:10

53. Save the Day 1:23

DISC TIME: 69:26



1. He-Man (Main Theme – full version) 2:41

2. Story Title (Heroic) 0:09

3. Story Title (Mysterious) 0:09

4. From Bad to Worse 0:39

5. Adam and Orko 1:35

6. Magical Dragon 0:32

7. The Game Machine 1:08

8. Electronic Game 1:07

9. Villain Plays the Game 0:55

10. Swordfight 0:43

11. Octopus Windbag 0:33

12. Video Game Sting 0:11

13. Video Battle 1:58

14. Aliens Attack 3:07

15. Suspenseful Act-Out 0:15

16. Good Vibes (He-Man) 0:26

17. Fanfare 0:13

18. Story Title (Main Theme) 0:11

19. Opening A (Main Theme) 0:10

20. Opening B 0:10

21. Catch the Lightning 2:04

22. Happy Times 0:53

23. The Unknown Planet 0:16

24. Journey to the Unknown Planet 2:16

25. He-Man in Space 1:57

26. Good Guys 2:30

27. Lute Piece 0:15

28. Singing Crystal (Remix) 1:22

29. The Pyramid 1:33

30. He-Man in the Country 1:14

31. Marching Guy 0:41

32. Look for Orko 0:38

33. Joining Forces 1:22

34. Quiet Interlude 1:03

35. A Surprise 0:08

36. Danger’s Coming 0:20

37. Bad Guys Attack 1:02

38. A Near Miss 0:07

39. End Sting 0:11

40. Suspense Sting 0:07

41. Getting Close 0:27

42. The Fight 1:10

43. The Munchkins 0:26

44. Teela Saves the Day 1:22


45. He-Man (Main Theme – no vocal) 2:04

46. Book-Man (alternate ending) 0:35

47. Bad Attack (alternate ending) 1:04

48. Flash Chase (alternate ending) 1:02

49. Dragon’s Eggs (alternate ending) 1:21

50. Circus Parade (alternate ending) 1:11

51. Beast Man and Skulls (alternate ending) 1:29

52. Meditation (mono) 1:52

53. Teela’s Theme (mono) 1:29

54. Run, Orko, Run (mono) 1:00

55. Facing the Castle (mono) 1:29

56. Royal Family (mono) 1:45

57. Orko’s Time Machine (mono) 1:42

58. He-Man (Main Theme – Spanish vocal)* 2:04

vocal by Memo Aguirre

DISC TIME: 60:56

*stereo track


Looking forward to this!

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"the album" = 19 minutes long?

Did they just move all those to the beginning of the presentation because they are the only stereo tracks?

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lol, I wasn't questioning how long it was - I can add - I was wondering if that was some existing "album" that existed before, or if - as I suggested - they just called some of the tracks that because they are the only stereo ones

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lol, I wasn't questioning how long it was - I can add - I was wondering if that was some existing "album" that existed before, or if - as I suggested - they just called some of the tracks that because they are the only stereo ones

I understood what was your quesion. ;)

And yes, I meant the original existing album is indeed 19-20 minutes!


Although I see the La-laland album tracks match the 11 first tracks of the French album (except for first track which is the short version), and not the 11 tracks of the US one (a couple of cues differ with this one)

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  • 2 weeks later...

La-La Land got swindled by a shady pressing plant, leading to some customers receiving CDRs of the set instead of real CDs.

Long story short, Christmas Eve we get a call from our manufacturing plant saying that they are closing their doors and we need to get our stuff out asap.

We got most of the paper out (still a lot is missing) but we had to scramble to find a new manufacturer asap...and it being the holidays it was a pain in the butt. We settled on one that we have been using on all of our new product this year. We had several hiccups with them over the past few months, but this CDR BLEEP they tried to pull on us was the last straw. In our 13 year history we have never had anything like this happen before. When we got the first batch everything was fine, but we knew this was gonna be a big title by the online response so we ordered up more cds just in case we needed them quickly. When batch 2 came in there was no need to QC because we already checked the first batch and they were perfect.

Suffice it to say we going with another company from here on out. I hope it work out well with them.

We are very embarrassed by this whole situation, but luckily it was only on the 600 they "pressed up" for the second batch.

As I stated in a new thread, you can email info@lalaland-ent.com to receive a REAL cd of He Man



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Another update in the FSM thread

Just wanted to clear things up for everyone and reassure folks that our label has never, and never will, deal with CD-R discs. We have had a very unfortunate experience with a new manufacturer, who shipped CD-R discs to us in error. There was a portion of a HE-MAN repressing and, as we're finding out now, a very minor batch of a KINGSMAN repressing that were affected. These CD-Rs ended up in the hands of customers. They are very easy to spot, (the back of the CD is a blue/green tint as opposed to the usual silver), and there is a seam along the spine on the plastic wrap sealing the cd case. We will replace them of course, as we are currently doing.
We should say the majority of both titles manufactured are pressed CDs -- only a fraction are in question, and as you all know we are dealing with those. None of the other titles we have released this year, manufactured by this plant, have been made on CDR's (there was only 1 pressing of each title thus far) so titles like Justice League, Magic, Mortdecai, Scorpion King 4, Dying of the Light, The Interview, Dogs of War, The Egyptian and our upcoming Zombeavers and 3:10 to Yuma are A-Okay pressed cds.
We are leaving this current manufacturer, so we never have an event like this happen again. If you received a HE-MAN or KINGSMAN CD-R, just let us know at info@lalaland-ent.com and give us your order number and mailing address. Thanks
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La-La Land got swindled by a shady pressing plant, leading to some customers receiving CDRs of the set instead of real CDs.

How did they think they would get away with it? I mean the manufacturing company.

Did they think that the customers wouldn't notice?

it's really strange.. :huh:

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It is indeed very strange.

I'd guess to guess that yes, the pressing plant must have thought no one would notice. Asshats.

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While it's cool that LLL released He-Man, I dunno just doesn't seem to have as much memorable music compared to Silverhawks, TMNT, Thundercats and or Transformers...especially compared to Silverhawks and TMNT.

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They need to do Transformers. But not on CDR.

Why are you holding that against them? LLL didn't have a clue until the last minute from their pressing plant. You can't fault them for that...blame the pressing plant NOT LLL.

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Much like others such as Stefancos have noted above, this type of release for Transformers and G.I. Joe (which had a LOT of crossover and were the same composer), would be most desired.

And quite possibly my #1 most holy grail score release of all time, as most of my oher most-wanted have already been released in one form or another (or sometimes multiple times, lol).

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