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The Paining: Season 5 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

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Last friday I had my second ever MRI after one year of medication. Today I had an appointment with my neurologist to discuss the results. In short the lesions in the brain that were there a year

Today I finally signed a contract at the company ive been employed for, more or less unpaid, for over 2 years.   Meaning that I am no longer officially unemployed.   The money won'

Inside him, underneath the white cake-icing of his hair, there were bordello churches where through one door surged the wide Atlantic and in through another came a tumbling circus funfair burst of clo

3 hours ago, Þekþiþm said:

Anyone else get terrible painful gas in the morning? I've been running to the toilet so much because I'm scared it's a wet fart coming but it's nothing but CE3K tubas in an echo chamber.


48 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

Please use one of your own threads for this.


Yeah. Get off Steef's thread!

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I haven't been here in some time and wondered why Stefan wasn't around.  If you read this old friend, know that I wish you all the best going forward.  Maybe someone in contact with him can pass along the message.  How odd to witness the twists and turns of each others' lives like this over a forum.  I hope you're all as well as possible, JWFan. 

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On 3/27/2020 at 11:45 AM, SnowyVernalSpringEternal said:


@woj will be glad I didnt die. He'll be even gladder I'm not posting as much right now.

The reason? I needed distance. I still do. This is actually the first time I've checked the MB in about 5 weeks. 


I didn't read this until today because I disabled all alerts from this website so I didn't see the tag.


I'm sad that he's taken such a bad turn. Touched that he singles me out in his last post, but still sad. We had our fights for close to all of those 20 years, and I was usually nastier to him than he was to me. Knowing that he's not coming back here makes this place a lot emptier. He was the life of the party that nobody could compare to. 


I'll miss you, old friend. Maybe someday I'll say hi on Facebook. But not yet. Not yet. 

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Steef, I spent the last 15 years telling you to stop padding your post count and get a life.

I hope you finally get a life! I am blocking you for being an idiot and not listening to me for 15 years.


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