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Omen II

Planet of the Apes - Live In Concert

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Did anyone else go this in the end? It was very enjoyable.

Unlike the recent Back to Future live concert, there was no attempt to add music to scenes that Goldsmith did not score originally, save for a reprise of the first half of The Hunt cue over the end titles. All the unusual instruments that Goldsmith used were deployed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, including the mixing bowls, ram's horn (played in turn by a couple of players in the trumpet section), slide whistle and cuica drums. Admittedly some of these sounded differently pitched to those on the original soundtrack, but if I had wanted to listen to that I would have just stayed at home. Otherwise the performance was remarkably faithful to the original, with the echoplex effects replicated perfectly in the early cues, for example.

I don't think there was any amplification of the orchestra, meaning that some of the quieter cues were lost a little in the mix when the on-screen action was noisy, but it was still amazing to see and hear this all-time classic score performed live to picture. The concert was far from a sell-out (a Friday in August during the BBC Proms season was never likely to be), but those that were there seemed to really enjoy it. It was surprising how many bits of the movie got laughs; I wondered if some of the audience knew the film only through the musical version in The Simpsons, for why else would the introduction of Dr. Zaius be greeted with such howls of laughter? Spontaneous applause also broke out at the end of the No Escape cue when Chuck Heston delivers his famous "Take your stinking paws..." line, which was nice, and the standing ovation at the end was well deserved.

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