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Dixon Hill

Hans Zimmer's Top 10 Scores

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1) Interstellar

2) Inception

A great choice for the top 2. I watched Interstellar only very recently and was surprised how different the score was to Zimmer's usual scores.

The Lion King is in my top 5, definitely. Iconic and well-deserved Oscar win.

The Dark Knight was amazing too. I generally am a fan of Zimmer/Newton-Howard. So... This one is up there for me, too.

My top 10 looks like this:

1.) Interstellar

2.) The Lion King

3.) Inception (I only really love a couple of the cues, but for Johnny Marr alone, this is my number three.)

4.) The Dark Knight

5.) The DaVinci Code

6.) Angels and Demons

7.) Rain Man

8.) Thelma and Louise

9.) Sherlock Holmes

10.) King Arthur

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