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Mission: Impossible (TV) 6CD box set La-La Land Records


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Good morning, Score Collector.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to purchase La-La Land Records brand new 6 disc box set of original music from the classic Mission: Impossible television series. As always, should you or any of your fellow collectors be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This box set will sell out after 1500 units are sold.

Good luck, Collector.


LLLCD 1359

Retail Price: $99.98


Available to order July 28, 2015 from www.lalalandrecords.com



La-La Land Records and CBS proudly announce the release of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – THE TELEVISION SCORES, a limited edition 6-CD box set, showcasing the restored and remastered original music scores from the classic 1966-1973 television series MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, starring Peter Graves, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris and Martin Landau.

Restored and remastered from studio elements, this deluxe limited edition release of 1500 Units features some of the best television music ever recorded, much of it never-before-released, from such renowned composers as Lalo Schifrin, (who wrote the iconic theme), Gerald Fried, Jerry Fielding, Don Ellis, Richard Hazard, Robert Drasnin and more! Album producer Jon Burlingame takes you on a thrilling mission through this deluxe compilation and its amazing scores with his comprehensive liner notes – delivered via three informative, photo-packed booklets. The 6-Disc set is housed in an attractive hard-cover slipcase.

Limited to 1500 units, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – THE TELEVISION SCORES will be available for order from www.lalalandrecords.com starting July 28, 2015 (12 noon PST) and will commence shipping out to customers on August 10, 2015.

This deluxe set was produced for La-La Land Records by Jon Burlingame with music restored by Chris Malone and mastered by Doug Schwartz. Art direction is by Joe Sikoryak.


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$100 for a 6CD set is $16.66 per CD.

The specialty labels routinely sell their CDs for $20 each, and I'm sure all of these are packed to the brim.

The price is completely reasonable.

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If it were a 9 CD set of the Complete Star Wars prequel scores or the Harry Potter 1-3 scores, I'd gladly spend 100 bucks, hell even 200 bucks.

But not 100 bucks for 6 CDs of underscore of some TV show.

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This simply isn't a release for you.

I'm a big fan of La-La Land, but no, it isn't.

100 bucks?!

No, thanks.

The 15 disc Star Trek set was 200+

And you bought that?

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Yes I did. Because I enjoyed the music.

Well, I'm not judging you. Good for you!

I think Star Trek was a much better TV series, anyway...

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In this economy, LLL has no choice but to make products like this unaffordable to all except the very wealthy. Price gouging like this will weed out the plebs who are unable to allocate funds to procure such rare and fine collectables.

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99% is in mono. All tracks were hand picked by producer Jon Burlingame. There are 7 years of material there. If we were to do a complete set it would dozens and dozens of discs and a lot of repetition. lol



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To be honest with you this should be $150 at least. The cost to transfer 7 years worth of episodes alone is probably more than what a lot people make in a year! Then you need to factor in restoration/mastering/producing costs, manufacturing a box set, advances, ALL royalties, AFM, etc...

Wait, why am I only charging $100 again? ;)

TV shows do not come cheap, especially older ones like this. We made this set for die hard fans of the show. If you want a single disc best of compilation I'm sure you can find one at Walmart in the discount bin. We hope you guys really like it.


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DISC ONE (season one)

PILOT, tracks 1-9: Lalo Schifrin

1. Main Title 0:48

2. Dossiers 2:05

3. Santa Costa / Operation Check-in / Thumb Print 3:40

4. Makeup General / Operation Wheelchair / Operation Open Door 2:56

5. Mambo Impossible 1:35

6. Claustrophobia / Cinnamon 1:48

7. Red White and Blue / Operation Mirror 3:13

8. Operation Checkout / Operation Fireworks 1:37

9. Operation Run 3:02

Total time 20:44

OLD MAN OUT, tracks 10-11: Walter Scharf

10. His Eminence / Not at Home / A Vain Attempt / Calliope Capers 3:22

11. Crystal to Cinnamon / An Unconscious Guard / Belt Off / Slide for Life / And Away They Go 4:13

Total time 7:35

MEMORY, tracks 12-14: Lalo Schifrin

12. Flipping Cards / Central Europe / Dimitri Soska 3:57

13. Sentry / Projectile / Screen 4:23

14. Truck Stops / I Forget 2:51

Total time 11:11

ODDS ON EVIL, tracks 15-16: Gerald Fried

15. Casino / Insurance Money / The Impossible 3:13

16. Hitchhike 2:20

Total time 5:33

OPERATION ROGOSH, tracks 17-19: Lalo Schifrin

17. Rogosh / Planted Photo / Self-Control 3:53

18. The Scaffold / Mr. Lopex 2:21

19. Bombs / Containers Location 2:42

Total time 8:56

WHEELS, tracks 20-21: Jack Urbont

20. Elan Vitale / Melovely 3:21

21. Escape / Melovinale 2:24

Total time 5:45

THE RANSOM, tracks 22-23: Walter Scharf

22. What Are They After / Screaming Sirens 2:20

23. The Wrong Man / The Black Car / Conclusion 2:27

Total time 4:47

THE SHORT TAIL SPY, tracks 24-26: Jack Urbont

24. The Lady Was Made to Be Loved 3:07

25. Saxy 2:21

26. Finale (Lady) 1:38

Total time 7:06

A CUBE OF SUGAR, tracks 27-28: Don Ellis

27. 500 Micros 2:31

28. Prison Pal / That Crazy Cube 2:01

Total time 4:32

(final title themes for season one), tracks 29-30: Lalo Schifrin

29. Bumper 0:06

30. End Title 0:45

Total time 0:51

Total disc time 78:14

DISC TWO (seasons two and three)

TREK, tracks 1-2: Gerald Fried

1. Escape Plans / Jail Break / Hot Desert 3:25

2. No Slaking / Clean Break 4:15

Total time 7:40

THE SURVIVORS, tracks 3-4: Walter Scharf

3. Evacuation / The Final Word 2:49

4. At Gunpoint 2:58

Total time 5:47

THE WIDOW, tracks 5-6: Gerald Fried

5. Horse / Getting the Shaft / Fickle Widow 2:37

6. Double Ambush / Climax 2:05

Total time 4:42

THE BANK, tracks 7-8: Walter Scharf

7. Rollin's in Vault / The Video Tape 3:00

8. Vault Operation / The Box 5:17

Total time 8:17

OPERATION HEART, track 9: Gerald Fried

9. Operation / Patient Stealing / Betrayed Betrayer 2:46

Total time 2:46

THE SLAVE, tracks 10-12: Robert Drasnin

10. Mission Arabesque / Bat Fink 2:48

11. Bats A-plenty / Sad Prince / The Tearful Prince 2:09

12. Slave Trader / White Shoulders / Rollin of Arabia 2:32

Total time 7:29

THE SEAL, track 13: Jack Urbont

13. Seer / Mystic Powers 3:33

Total time 3:33

THE COUNCIL, tracks 14-16: Jerry Fielding

14. Cleft / Tailpipe Him / Cracks Safe 3:28

15. Ultra Violet / Takes Picture / Leave It Alone 2:51

16. Elevator Race / Finale 2:22

Total time 8:41

ECHO OF YESTERDAY, tracks 17-18: Robert Drasnin

17. Fourth Reich March / Cinnamon Caught 1:43

18. Echo of Yesterday / No Smiles 3:54

Total time 5:37

THE EMERALD, tracks 19-20, Robert Drasnin, track 21, Jack Urbont

19. Flute Route 1:11

20. Hemidemisemi Sex 1:44

21. Cool Cocktails 3:08

Total time 6:03

(season three)

THE HEIR APPARENT, tracks 22-27: Lalo Schifrin

22. One Dot Step One / Povia / Byzantine Church / The Medallion 4:08

23. The Plot / Celine 2:11

24. The Royal Box / Lower Right Hand Corner / Puzzle Sequence 2:16

25. Mission Prelude 0:46

26. Plot Continues / The Test 4:23

27. The Throng 2:55

Total time 16:39

Total disc time 78:25

DISC THREE (season three continued)

THE CONTENDER, tracks 1-7: Lalo Schifrin

1. Rollin / Stopwatch / He's Got to Make It 1:56

2. Time / False Step / Sleeping Phelps 2:41

3. The Gas Box / Sugar Ray 3:24

4. Operation Charm 1:31

5. Crap Game / Dice / The Ringside 6:25

6. Mission Blues 2:05

7. Maybe No Angle / The Frameup / Finale 5:42

Total time 23:44

THE MERCENARIES, track 8: Robert Drasnin

8. Mercenaries / Thirst Quencher / Goodbye Dolly / Stolen Gold 3:27

Total time 3:27

THE DIPLOMAT, tracks 9-11: Gerald Fried

9. Latin Toast 2:29

10. The Decision / The Black Gloves / Overdose 3:09

11. Susan's Party 2:29

Total time 8:07

THE EXECUTION, tracks 12-13: Jerry Fielding

12. Garbage / Vic Gets Caught 3:54

13. It's a Gas 2:18

Total time 6:12

THE PLAY, tracks 14-15: Robert Drasnin

14. Jet Down / Consideration / Reluctant Exile 3:28

15. Farewell Kuro / Border Confrontation 2:54

Total time 6:22

THE CARDINAL, tracks 16-17: Jerry Fielding

16. The Smoking Monk / Cardinal Gets Bugged 2:11

17. The Smoking Nun / Rollin Becomes Cardinal / Assure Myself 3:11

Total time 5:22

THE MIND OF STEFAN MIKLOS, track 18: Richard Markowitz

18. Cinnamon's Purse / Supermind 3:50

Total time 3:50

THE EXCHANGE, track 19: Jerry Fielding

19. Big Edifice / They'll Kill Her / Bang Bang 2:38

Total time 2:38

LIVE BAIT, track 20: Richard Markowitz

20. Downtown Europe / Sick Love Affair / Chained to Bomb 2:35

Total time 2:35

(source music next) track 21: Richard Hazard

21. Hazardous Duty 2:21

Total time 2:21

THE BUNKER, tracks 22-23: Richard Markowitz

22. Missile Delivered 3:05

23. It's Not / Continued Next Week 2:15

Total time 5:20

ILLUSION, tracks 24-26 songs by Lalo Schifrin (tracks 24, 26) and by Herschel Burke Gilbert / Rudy Schrager (track 25), lyrics by Bruce Geller

24. Buy My Glass of Wine 2:18

25. Ten Tiny Toes 1:31

26. The Lady 'bove the Bar 1:12

Total time 5:01

Total disc time 76:06

DISC FOUR (seasons four and five)

THE CODE, tracks 1-2: Gerald Fried

1. Nueva Tierra / Palm Trees / Routine Inspection 3:58

2. Parrot Music / Time Problem / Mission Impossible Theme 4:15

Total time 8:13

THE NUMBERS GAME, track 3: Richard Markowitz

3. 20 Million Down / The General's Condition / Radioactive 3:20

Total time 3:20

THE CONTROLLERS, tracks 4-7: Jerry Fielding

4. We Begin to Institute / Mission Impossible Theme 2:32

5. The Plot 3:54

6. Loads Stiff / To Be Continued 2:17

7. Meredyth / Water Tower / Part II Finale 2:08

Total time 10:51

COMMANDANTE, track 8: RIchard Hazard

8. El Jefe / Phony Reprieve / The Plot 2:29

Total time 2:29

ROBOT, track 9: Richard Markowitz

9. The Old Anthem 1:22

Total time 1:22

FOOL'S GOLD, tracks 10-11: Jack Urbont

10. Baltic Lady 3:00

11. Ginny 1:54

Total time 4:54

SUBMARINE, tracks 12-15: Lalo Schifrin

12. The Layout / Sardi / Operation Decoy 5:15

13. Where Is the Prisoner / The Plot 1:34

14. The Search Tightens / The Plot 1:28

15. More Plot / Mission Impossible Theme 3:50

Total time 12:07

THE FALCON, tracks 16-20: Richard Markowitz

16. Buses and Trucks / Who's Zastro? 2:52

17. Prince Nicolai / Prison Kiss 1:17

18. Zastro Arrives / Lucifer Gets a Buzz 1:15

19. Madame Vinsky 1:58

20. Francesca Shot / Quick Burial / Off to Prison 3:13

Total time 10:35

THE AMNESIAC, track 21: Lalo Schifrin

21. Beyond the Shadow of Today 1:42

Total time 1:42

(fifth season begins)

new main title + THE KILLER, tracks 22-28: Lalo Schifrin

22. Main Title '70 0:52

23. The Plot / Quiet Plot / Against the Clock 3:29

24. Killer Rock 2:56

25. Killers Move 1:38

26. Window Shades / The Trick 3:05

27. The Long Trap 5:19

28. Scorpio 3:21

Total time 20:40

Total disc time 77:19

DISC FIVE (season five, continued; also season six)

opens with main title, track 1: Lalo Schifrin

1. Mission: Impossible 1970 (stereo remix) 0:50

Total time 0:50

BUTTERFLY, tracks 2-4: Robert Drasnin

2. Misaki's Estate / Garden of Evil 1:58

3. My Uncle's House / Nobu's Garden 1:34

4. The Plot / Most Devoted Daughter 2:06

Total time 5:38

HOMECOMING, tracks 5-8: Robert Prince

5. Yesterday Dream / Heavy Chase 2:04

6. Midge's Bridge 2:46

7. Vanilla Fudgsicle 3:03

8. Midge Done It / Finale 2:06

Total time 9:59

THE REBEL, tracks 9-11: Hugo Montenegro

9. Fight and Capture 1:46

10. Flowers for Stefan / Dana Questioned 1:35

11. Jail Break 2:42

Total time 6:03

FLIP SIDE, track 12: Benny Golson

12. The Wig Out 2:38

Total time 2:38

(unused 5th season MT), track 13: Lalo Schifrin

13. Main Title 1970, revised (unused) 0:53

Total time 0:53

MY FRIEND, MY ENEMY, tracks 14-15: Robert Drasnin

14. Drugged Interrogation / Programmed to Kill 3:27

15. The Inn Thing 2:36

Total time 6:03

THE INNOCENT, tracks 16-17: Harry Geller

16. Mosque City / Security Breach 1:32

17. Eye of the Goat 1:15

Total time 2:47

TAKEOVER, tracks 18-22: Lalo Schifrin

18. Signal Light / Arsenal 2:17

19. Kate Thomas 1:28

20. Weapons / Change in Plan / Mayor's Office 3:48

21. Shoot the Mayor 4:05

22. Dan Carlin Forever 0:35

Total time 12:13

KITARA, track 23: Richard Hazard

23. Kitara / Sig Heil / Herr Kapitan Lillywasser 3:05

Total time 3:05

A GHOST STORY, tracks 24-26: track 24 Kenyon Hopkins, tracks 25-26 Benny Golson

24. Eerie Oboe 1:53

25. Father Strikes / Could It Be / Image and Brandy 2:12

26. Synthetic Ghosts 2:53

Total time 6:58

fifth-season ET plus sixth-season unused MT, tracks 28-29: Lalo Schifrin

27. End Title, 1970 0:44

28. Main Title, 1971 (unused) 0:50

ENCORE, tracks 29-35: Lalo Schifrin

29. Tommy Krool / Claim Ticket 3:43

30. Mission Score Opus 25 2:43

31. Tape Cartridge / Open Shop / Encore 3:25

32. Operation Charm 1:36

33. 1937? 2:06

34. Judo Chop / Hollow Wall 2:04

35. Mission a la King 0:35

Total time 17:46

Total disc time 76:24

DISC SIX (completing season six, all of season seven)

BLIND, tracks 1-3: Benny Golson

1. DTs / Darn That Cat 1:53

2. Flamingo Fingers 2:05

3. Blind Jim 1:27

Total time 5:25

THE BRIDE, track 4: Richard Hazard

4. Barney's Red Herring / Exit Corbin 3:03

Total time 3:03

RUN FOR THE MONEY, tracks 5-7: Robert Drasnin

5. Run for the Money / First Things First / Like Clockwork 3:02

6. Bossalero 2:14

7. Checkmate / Plot Rock 2:08

Total time 7:24

THE MIRACLE, tracks 8-18: Lalo Schifrin

8. Heavies' Theme 2:00

9. Operation 1:57

10. Mission Heavies #3 / Enclosure / You Love Her 2:00

11. Candle / Shoot Out / Morning 2:10

12. Bride of the Wind 3:45

13. Beyond the Shadow of Today 1:42

14. The Gentle Earthquake 2:19

15. Intrigue 2:26

16. The Danube Incident 1:53

17. Two Petals, a Flower and a Young Girl 1:00

18. End of the Rainbow 3:24

Total time 24:36

MINDBEND, track 19: Robert Prince

19. Brain Bender / Unreal 2:25

Total time 2:25

THE VISITORS, track 20: George Romanis

20. The Limousine / Tension Chase 2:05

Total time 2:05

BLUES, track 21: Benny Golson

21. A Fix, Please! / Fix Time 2:55

Total time 2:55

NERVES, track 22: Robert Drasnin

22. Tantrumesque / Deal Revealed 3:00

Total time 3:00

(season seven, still disc six)

(main title music for seventh season) Lalo Schifrin

23. Main Title '72-'73 0:49

Total time 0:49

ULTIMATUM, track 24: Duane Tatro

24. The Red Light / Anxious Woman 3:31

Total time 3:31

INCARNATE, track 25: Benny Golson

25. Dance, Dance, Dance / Get Hot / A Feeling 2:03

Total time 2:03

UNDERGROUND, tracks 26-30: Lalo Schifrin

26. Schell / Clavering / Hearse 4:30

27. Wheelhouse Source 3:17

28. Lotus Hill / Air Ducts / Powder / Basement 2:59

29. Dr. Brady / Emergency / Mission Activity 3:32

30. Morning / Off the Hook / Good Job 3:52

(final end titles) Lalo Schifrin

31. End Title '72-'73 0:29

Total time 18:39

Total disc time 77:14

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Lukas Kendall posted about the box set on FSM

I picked up my copy of this today from La-La Land. It's safe to say I am always proud of the albums I work on, and I hope people enjoy them...and this one is especially pleasing. I had a great time working with (and for) friends, and I think the team has done outstanding work. Jon Burlingame curated a magnificent collection of this famous show, the design by Joe Sikoryak is beautiful, and it all sounds great thanks to our team of engineers.

MV and Matt at La-La Land wrote some BIG checks to make this outstanding package become a reality. You'll probably never know how big, and it's not for me to say, but I said "I'm so sorry" to them on more than one occasion.

I want to explain just how hard television projects are like this. They are exponentially more difficult than a CD of a film soundtrack. There we are dealing with maybe 70 minutes of music from a two hour movie. There were 171 hours of Mission: Impossible produced, and I don't know how many hours of music recorded, all of which was laboriously (and expensively) transferred so Jon could select the 7+ hours presented on these 6 discs. It was a massive undertaking. The Q/C and proofreading alone was an endurance test.

I've been involved now with several television soundtrack box sets or series of albums, notably Star Trek (and ST:TNG) and the CDs Jon did for FSM of Man From U.N.C.L.E. I think I saw a post asking why there would be an album of Then Came Bronson, of all things, instead of far more famous and probably deserving shows. The answer is because I could. I liked the George Duning pilot score for Bronson, and the title was part of a catalog we were dealing with at the time. The studio had already transferred the Bronson scores for their own preservation, and I had all the episode scores on hand to do a 2CD set for Intrada (after putting the pilot and two Gil Melle scores on our TV Omnibus compilation at FSM). There was only one year of Bronson produced, but it was a ton of work to make that album. Years ago I did a CD of the Logan's Run TV series, for which only half a year was produced, and THAT was a ton of work!

So, TV is hard. You have to sort through hours and hours of music to assemble the best album. And it's expensive to transfer and evaluate all that music.

It's inevitable that when we release something like Mission: Impossible, people ask "Where's Batman?" or "Where's Mannix?" or whatever it might be.

The answer is because sometimes we can't get the rights. But regardless—television projects cost a fortune.

Why does the Mission box set cost $99? That's still less than $20 a disc, but I appreciate that it's a lot for collectors. The answer is because there are fewer collectors than ever...people lose interest, people steal music, people pass away. Let's face it, some people would have given $500 on Kickstarter to make this album happen. Others would NOT buy it if it were $9.99. So these albums are necessarily going to be produced in smaller runs, at premium prices. It's the only way. If the label makes the dream item a reality and then takes a bath, they're never going to do it again.

If you don't want a Mission: Impossible box set—this post is not for you. That's fine! I am speaking to those people who MIGHT want it but are thinking they want to get something else instead this week, or they are waiting for Batman, or they wish this album was Batman, or they're annoyed that they have to pay $100 and then shipping.

(Incidentally—the box set is actually selling great! The problem is that it cost SO much that it has to perform even better...or else there aren't going to be any more like this.)

If you want this Mission box—please buy it. We need you. If you want more television collections, you have to come out and support this one. It's a great set, and you'll like it.

That's all! Mission accomplished! Thanks!



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Great post but I always find these types of industry insights to be obvious. Is it just the FSM crowd that shits on everything the labels release? I don't actively recall any of that sort of talk around these parts.

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Great post but I always find these types of industry insights to be obvious. Is it just the FSM crowd that shits on everything the labels release? I don't actively recall any of that sort of talk around these parts.

I usually find what Lukas has to say more interesting and insightful than 99% of PR stuff out there. Not obvious at all.

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This isn't PR stuff, it's industry information, which honestly should be obvious to all of us. Do soundtrack collectors not know the costs of putting together an album?

The exact mechanics and challenges for a particular project obvious? Of course not!

I had no idea, for example, that they had to pay so much money to transfer the elements for every bit of music in the show (i.e. rather than doing it selectively). It's a completely absurd suggestion that we should all find these stats obvious.

And if someone's new to soundtrack collecting, there's no reason to know anything about the production process.

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May 14, 2019: 



MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE THE TELEVISION SCORES (6-CD BOX SET) is also going out of print – get yours now!





May 21, 2019: 



sold out?




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