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Are there spoilers in the TFA track list?


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Yea but if you're one of those people, why would you even be asking about the track list? You'd just disappear off the internet until the 18th

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Oy! You're making it sound like we're liars!

I was just playing it safe, because I don't know what indy4 would consider a spoiler or not. For some people, just a slightly suggestive title is enough to be considered spoilerific!


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16: Chewie's Bloody Decapitation

17: The Disembowelment Scene

18: Leia Murders Han (Love Theme from The Force Awakens)

19: Thank The Pacemaker!

20: The Smelting Scene and C3P0's Destiny

21: Jar Jar Binks, Sith Lord and End Credits

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