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As a relative outsider (and less frequent poster) looking in, there is something very interesting going in this thread.  Koray really seems to be personally, emotionally involved in what people say, a

Whoever tagged Balfe is an asshole but Balfe himself comes across as a bit indignant at the fact that somebody doesn't like his score (yes, that type of score is what Balfe was asked to do but that do

Yea.  Fun fact was that was originally planned for the climax of the film, but since they were writing the script as they were filming it, it became the cold open instead

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I didn't even realize until I just looked at the IMDB page that Michelle Monaghan is back in this one.  Wonder if it'll just be a cameo like in Ghost Protocol.


2 minutes ago, BloodBoal said:

It's a real shame Ferguson's character inevitably has to die during the prologue to be replaced by Vanessa Kirby as the new love interest...


I hope not.  Hers was the best female foil in the series thus far.


Just now, Jay said:

Love interest?  Isn't he still married to whatherface from MI3/MI4?


Yeah Faust wasn't a love interest.  "Female foil" as a I used above seems more fitting to me.

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They only really did the James Bond-esque "new love interest every movie" thing for the first two movies; he's just been a married guy ever since.

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I've seen Rogue Nation three times and I don't remember that so if it did happen it wasn't a huge moment.


Or maybe I tune out that yucky mushy stuff ;)


I do seem to remember a moment where maybe he wanted her to join the IMF or something at the end?  I dunno, maybe it was up for interpretation

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Very interesting interview with McQuarrie explaining the situation with Cruise's broken ankle:




Very encouraging news -- the release date will likely not be delayed. Also interesting to note that Cruise was supposed to hit the side of the building in the stunt (there was padding); he just hit it slightly wrong on that take. Apparently because Cruise powered through and didn't fall to the ground until he was out of the camera view, they'll likely be able to use the shot. (Also there were other takes before it, although McQuarrie says they weren't as good.)


This is also a tantalizing paragraph: 



 There’s so much action in this movie compared to the last Mission Impossible, and a lot of that is behind us. What we have in front of us is less complex, except for one sequence that is really intense. Fortunately for us, the one that’s really intense doesn’t happen to be intense on his ankle. We’re not worried about that. That’s the last part of his body we’re worried about when it gets to that sequence.


More action sounds great! I wonder what the really intense sequence is - gotta love McQuarrie's little teaser line ("that's the last part...")! 

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Here's the official synopsis for Mission Impossible MI2 MI3 MI4 MI5 MI6 FALLOUT:



MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT finds Ethan Hunt and his IMF team along with some familiar allies in a race against time after a mission gone wrong. 


Apparently the film is so titled because Tom Cruise falls out of things.

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