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The Force Awakens - Complete Score Breakdown & Chronological Order (Film Spoilers Allowed)


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I have no clue what any of Williams' original cue names are, so I made up my own names for all of them, usually just using a description of the scene or some dialogue from it rather than trying to imitate Williams' naming style.

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57 Farewell (2:16) - 22A [0:00-2:05] (2:05) [Microedited]

58 R2 Shows The Map (1:08) - 04A [0:00-0:13] (0:13) [Most of cue unreleased]

59 The Trip (2:42) - 22B [2:13-end] (2:42)

Interesting, I thought between Rey Meets BB-8 and Farewell and The Trip we had the full "R2 Shows The Map" film version.

Also, I think it's appearance in the film might be tracked or an insert, it replaces a flute bit at 2:05.

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I recommend not putting the OST into chronological order. It works almost perfectly as arranged by Williams as a listening experience, save for some repetition in "The Rathtars!"

It works almost perfectly because it's the more chronological of his recent albums. Fortunately he didn't do his typical "listening experience" thing this time.

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57 Farewell (2:16) - 22A [0:00-2:05] (2:05) [Microedited]

58 R2 Shows The Map (1:08) - 04A [0:00-0:13] (0:13) [Most of cue unreleased]

59 The Trip (2:42) - 22B [2:13-end] (2:42)

Interesting, I thought between Rey Meets BB-8 and Farewell and The Trip the full "R2 Shows The Map" from the film.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying

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I am saying that the music you say is unreleased is just 0:00-1:10 of Rey Meets BB-8.

But the rest of the album track is the actual cue for Rey meeting BB8. I guess Williams just liked the way the later R2 cue opened better than the early cue so put it there.

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As much as I love Burning Homestead, I really wish they used Williams original intention when Rey gets the lightsaber.. It was distracting to me (since I know it by heart) and disappointing since the original would have worked perfectly. What prompted them to change it??

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uh, it seems there's more unreleased music when you see it on a cue list like that :(

But now I saw it twice and still haven't noted major missing highlights

Yes, I think we got an effective and enjoyable album presentation.

Thanks, Jason, for this superb work. It's interesting to have the estimates of music yet to be released. I'll pay more attention to the film when I see it for the second time on tuesday, hoping to contribute on this thread, but the list is already highly detailed.

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Wow, nice job! Curious... how many visits to the theatre does it take to compile this?

I was thinking I wanted to make myself a chronological edit, but like many of you said, the "listening experience" works for a change here. Best one since Empire Strikes Back's 2-LP. I love the Prequels expanded scores but their OST's were terribly incomplete and nonsensical listens on their own.

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I've cleaned up the main posts a bit.  The new board software actually makes editing the HTML table much easier!



Also, i've been thinking about "Snoke": I think it could be a concert arrangement too!  Or, maybe not technically a concert arrangement, as much as a piece that was recorded "wild", not to picture, to be used as a bed underneath any Snoke scenes.  It's possible they hadn't figured out the timing of the Snoke scenes while Williams was scoring.


Basically, its REALLY hard to hear what is going on in the film during the the two major Snoke scenes music-wise, but the first one is definitely different than the music in the OST track.  It's possible the OST track is an alternate and not the film version, but it almost sounds like the film scene is scored with a normal cue, but then also the choral stuff from the OST track is mixed underneath it as well.


Hard to really tell.

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Great job Jason! Thank you! :)

20 hours ago, Stefancos said:

Thanks Jason!

Any chance of a track-by-track thematic breakdown ;)

I just might take you up on that suggestion Stefan.

Great job Jason! Thank you! :)

20 hours ago, Stefancos said:

Thanks Jason!

Any chance of a track-by-track thematic breakdown ;)

I just might take you up on that suggestion Stefan.


EDIT: I see Fal beat me to it in his theme thread. Good job Fal!

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14 hours ago, Faleel said:

What makes you think that?


Just what my ears tell me when comparing the OST track to the film.  


Well, I'll go back and re-evaluate those two spots in the film when I get a chance.




9 hours ago, Chris ChrusherComix said:

Wow, nice job! Curious... how many visits to the theatre does it take to compile this?


LOL!  Obviously I didn't do this in the movie theater!  I've seen the film theatrically exactly once - Thursday opening "preview" night, earliest showing - and just enjoyed the movie without analyzing anything.  I figured out all this stuff at home!

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I would love to have the scored cues for sequences not in the final film.  I think for that we'll have to wait for game rips since its very unlikely to be in a 2CD release if its not in the film...unless these sequences (like the ground assault) are in the blu ray.

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2 hours ago, Lockdown said:

I wonder how the cue titles would translate if Giacchino had scored this film..


On 9/8/2015 at 11:35 AM, BloodBoal said:

Gentlemen I think we have the tracklist now: http://filmmusicreporter.com/


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Music by John Williams

Conducted and orchestrated by Conrad Pope


01. Star Wars & The Phasma Menace

02. Rey Of Hope*

03. Jakkuse*

04. No Country For Old Tusken

05. You Are The Poe**

06. The Perfect Stormtrooper

07. How To Train Your Krayt Dragon*/**

08. Galaxy's Worst Cantina***

09. Mad Maz*

10. Some Like It Hoth*

11. Gone With The X-Wing**

12. Huxed From Orbit*

13. Finding Kylo*

14. The Snoke Sense**

15. The Fault In Our Death Stars**

16. Remembering Han

17. Finn'ale and End Credits*/**


Total running time: 44:26


* Includes "Rey's Theme" composed by William Ross

** Includes music by Conrad Pope

*** Source music by Plan 9

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This has likely already been discussed, but has the "chewie we're home" cue with the version of Luke's theme been released on the FYC or OST? Also, can the music heard when Han is in the falcon cockpit for the first time in TFA be heard on either of those releases (this music may be part of the cue that I mentioned first in this post)?

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Chewie We're Home is on the OST (first minute of The Rathtars), but the film version does seem a little different. It's not on the FYC.


Han in the MF cockpit is completely unreleased.

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17 minutes ago, Jay said:

Chewie We're Home is on the OST (first minute of The Rathtars), but the film version does seem a little different. It's not on the FYC.


Han in the MF cockpit is completely unreleased.


Thanks. I love that version of Luke's theme in Chewie We're Home. I do wish we had the cue from shortly after -- with Han in the cockpit (for the first time in the film), though.



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I didn't notice the cue myself until the third viewing. It isn't really as important as the other unreleased cues we got on the FYC, but it does provide the march in a different context. The march plays softly on strings for a moment.

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I think I didn't hear a lot of these little cues in the movie because on opening night, every time an Original Trilogy character showed up on screen, a large chunk of the audience clapped, cheered, hooted and hollered as if cheering a live sports team or a live, in-house performance. Couldn't hear the movie for several seconds. Usually why I prefer watching movies with just a handful of people I know; i.e. friends and/or family. Planning on taking my brother in the next day or so with a small, afternoon audience that hopefully won't give an inanimate object film a standing ovation.

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Alright, I finally had time to finish my second pass through the film, and have completely revamped the complete cue list in the main post.  A few spots I had thought were unreleased before are actually on the OST, and the whole list now takes into account what we learned from the FYC.


I don't have time to list every change, but I do have some points to bring up:


1. I was wrong before when I said thanks to the FYC we now have the entire opening of the film; There's actually a completely unreleased cue that goes in between the "Part 1" and "Part 2" FYC tracks of "The Attack on Jakku".  Basically: "Part 1" covers the Star Destroyer reveal / ship launch, Poe and Lor's convo, and the entire seige on the village by the stormtroopers ending with Ren's arrival.  Then the cue for Lor and Ren talking ending with Ren killing Lor is completely unreleased.  "Part 2" is the music for Ren and Poe's convo and Ren's order to Phasma to "Kill Them All", including the transition back up to the Star Destroyer.  That final note of the cue is a stinger for Finn entering the center of the frame in the Star Destroyer hanger.


2. The opening 39 seconds of OST track "The Scavenger": Anyone feel like almost doesn't belong here?  It's possible this bit was intended for the scenes of Rey in the Star Destroyer but was dialed out, but I wonder if it could actually be for some entire other scene I haven't identified yet?


3. Rey Meets BB-8 OST cue: This is is so confusing!  Essentially, the first 1:10 of this OST track is used twice in the film: Once for when Rey meets BB8, but then again when R2 powers up and shows the map for our heroes.  However, neither time it exactly matches the OST version (you can tell yourself by comparing FYC version for its second use).  So it's hard to know which scene it was intended for and which was tracked, and where the different music comes from (Inserts?).  The part from 1:10-end of the track doesn't appear in the film at all, further confusing things!


4. I think the opening ~30 seconds of the OST track "I Can Fly Anything" is an alternate, earlier opening of the cue.  The final film / FYC version's first ~1:00 is probably an insert recorded later to replace it.


5. "The Girl With The Staff" is one of those classic Williams OST tracks that combines music from 3 different scenes in the film together.  Took me a while to realize that!  See my revised cue list or my OST breakdown below to see how he
assembled it.


6. The whole ending of "The Rathtars!" is actually different from the film version and there's other music in the track that wasn't in the film.  Again see the revised cue list and OST breakdown.


7. Frankly I'm confused by the two version of "Snoke".  Basically, Snoke has 3 scenes in the film.  The first scene we have exactly what's heard in the film in the FYC track.  BUT I think the choral stuff there is exactly the same as the OST choral stuff.  But on the OST, the choral stuff goes on for longer then has some orchestra stuff at the end that isn't in the film.  The second Snoke scene, the music is hard to hear.  I think it might re-use the same FYC/OST choral stuff, but I'm not sure.  The 3rd Snoke scene is short and I don't think has a choral element (can't remember now).  So basically, I think he recorded what's on the OST as "Snoke" as a wild arrangement designed to be a good listening experience on the OST, and the choral stuff was put into the film for the first Snoke scene, mixed with the orchestra cue he wrote for it.  Or something.  Long story short, I think it makes sense to just use the FYC track in the flow of the film score, and the OST track as a bonus track, but you could place in chronologically where the second Snoke scene goes too, if you want.  But it definitely repeats the same choral performance!

There's still so many tiny differences between OST and FYC/film to breakdown, but I think I got all the major stuff covered now!

So, I thought it'd be interesting to put together a breakdown of the OST to see how Williams compiled it.  Here we go!


(I also listed when the same cue was released on the FYC)


01. Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village (6:25)
[0:00-1:26] = cue 1 Main Title
[1:26-3:07] = cue 2 Starry Night (FYC 01A [0:00-2:09])
[3:07-5:03] = cue 3 Village Attack (FYC 01B [2:09-end]
[5:03-end] = cue 5 Kill Them All (FYC 02)


02. The Scavenger (3:39)
[0:00-0:39] = unknown, possibly unused opening of:
[0:39-2:21] = cue 7 Rey The Scavenger (FYC 03)
[2:21-end] = cue 8 Lunchtime (FYC 04)


03. I Can Fly Anything (3:11)
[all] = cue 12 I Can Fly Anything (FYC 05)


04. Rey Meets BB-8 (1:31)
[0:00-1:10] = either cue 9 BB-8 Meets Rey or cue 61 R2 Shows The Map (up for debate which is the intended position and which is the tracked)
[1:10-end] = unknown, probably unused ending of previous cue


05. Follow Me (2:54)
[all] = cue 15 Follow Me (FYC07A [0:00-3:09])


06. Rey’s Theme (3:11)
[all] = concert arrangment of Rey's Theme


07. The Falcon (3:32)
[all] = cue 16 The Falcon (FYC07B [3:09-end])


08. That Girl With The Staff (1:58)
[0:00-0:35] = cue 17 Finn, I'm Rey
[0:35-1:11] = cue 14 Stolen Jacket
[1:11-end] = cue 18 The Droid Stole A Freighter?


09. The Rathtars! (4:05)
[0:00-1:01] = cue 19 Poisonous Gas
[1:01-1:22] = not in film, probably unused opening to next cue
[1:22-2:13] = cue 22 Rathtars Unleashed (FYC 08)
[2:13-end] = cue 24 Escape In the Millenium Falcon


10. Finn’s Confession (2:08)
[0:00-0:52] = cue 31 I'm No Hero (FYC 11)
[0:52-1:17] = cue 27 Arrival At Takodana
[1:17-end] = cue 28 You Got A Name? (FYC 10)


11. Maz’s Counsel (3:07)
[0:00-1:21] = cue 30 Maz Examines Finn
[1:21-end] = cue 34 Maz and Rey


12. The Starkiller (1:51)
[all] = cue 35 The Starkiller (FYC 12)


13. Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle (2:01)
[all] = cue 36 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle (FYC 13)


14. The Abduction (2:25)
[all] = cue 38 The Abduction (FYC 15)


15. Han And Leia (4:41)
[0:00-2:52] = cue 39 Finn and Poe, United (FYC 16)
[2:52-end] = cue 40 Han and Leia Discuss Kylo


16. March of the Resistance (2:35)
[all] = concert arrangment of The Resistance theme


17. Snoke (2:03)
[all] = I believe this to be an assembly made just for the album of the choral track recorded for Snoke scenes with some original orchestral stuff at the end (that isn't heard in the film).  The choral piece was used in Snoke's first
scene (cue 25 / FYC 09), and I believe his second scene too.


18. On the Inside (2:05)
[all] = cue 54 "Planting Charges" (FYC 18B [0:48-end])


19. Torn Apart (4:19)
[all] = cue 55 Torn Apart (FYC 19)


20. The Ways Of The Force (3:14)
[0:00-0:45] = cue 56 "Rey Gets The Lightsaber"
[0:45-end] = cue 58 "Rey Vs Ren" (FYC 20B [1:20-end])


21. Scherzo For X-Wings (2:32)
[all] = concert version of cue 57 "The Trench Run" (FYC20A [0:00-1:20])


22. Farewell And The Trip (4:55)
[0:00-2:05] = cue 60 "The Journey Home" (FYC 21)
[2:05-end] = cue 62 "Rey's Trip" (FYC 22B [1:10-end])


23. The Jedi Steps And Finale (8:51)
[0:00-2:12] = cue 63 The Jedi Steps (FYC 23A [0:00-2:11])
[2:12-6:07] = End Credits part 1 (FYC 23B [2:11-6:04])
[6:07-7:28] = Repeated section of "March of the Resistance" (FYC 23C [6:04-8:34])
[7:28-end] = End Credits part 2 (FYC 23D [8:34-end])










102 minutes of score in the final cut of the film (not including Miranda/Abrams source music).  77 of that released between the OST and FYC, leaving 25 completely unreleased.


The OST has another 15 minutes of music that isn't used in the film anywhere, meaning in total 92 minutes out of the 175 recorded has been released.  This leaves about 83 minutes completely unreleased and unheard.

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