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Unknown Star Wars Motif


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I have an unknown motif from Star Wars in my head, possibly heard early on in Episode V, at least.  I am attaching a transcription of what is in my head.  Can anyone identify its thematic attachment, if any?





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i think that might be the one that shows up all the time with R2 and threepio


It happens a bunch in this scene (when r2 is swimming around and afterwards)


apparently also in the threepio+R2 scenes on Hoth, and some of the threepio scenes on cloud city.


(praise dave collins for unearthing that one)

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Yes, it's the droids' music from Empire ...although the second bar of your example happens a couple of times in TFA The Scavenger track.

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9 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

The Imperial March!





I thought so!


Seriously, though, thank you much for this identification.  My three year old is obsessed with the Star Wars music (like his father).  We've played it innumerable times, especially ESB, hence this motif getting stuck in my head.  He can identify many of the big themes.  In the music for Yoda's Death, he could positively identify (without prompting, mind you) "Darth Vader's Theme," "the Main Theme," "Yoda's Theme," and "the Force Theme," after two or three notes each, in succession!  Incidentally, "The Battle of Hoth" makes for great snow-shoveling music.





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This might be of interest to you


On 5/8/2015 at 0:32 AM, Jay said:


Using 1997 2CD set track names and timestamps


Droid Motif

1-02 Ice Planet Hoth 6:27-6:50

1-03 Wampa's Lair 2:03-2:33

1-05 Beneath The AT-AT 8:02-8:10

1-07 Arrival on Dagobah 1:00-1:30, 1:53-2:04

2-07 Betrayal at Bespin 3:11-3:18

2-08 Deal with the Dark Lord 0:14-0:37

2-11 Hyperspace 6:43-7:08


Cloud City Motif

2-06 Lando's Palace 0:00-0:54

2-07 Betrayal At Bespin 1:06-1:40

2-10 Clash of Lightsabers 1:59-2:06



And heck, while we're at it


Dark Side Motif

1-09 Han Solo and the Princess 3:06-3:26

1-11 The Magic Tree 3:56-4:05

2-10 Clash of Lightsabers 0:07-0:41

2-11 Rescue from Cloud City 0:28-0:47


Boba Fett Motif

2-03 Attacking a Star Destroyer 0:00-0:30

2-05 City In The Clouds 1:51-1:58

2-07 Betrayal at Bespin 1:51-1:56


Captured on Cloud City Motif

2-09 Carbon Freeze 4:17-4:51

2-09 Darth Vader's Trap 8:11-8:19

2-09 Departure of Boba Fett 8:29-8:43


Escape from Cloud City Motif

2-10 Rescue from Cloud City 2:25-2:39, 3:02-3:13, 4:13-5:05

2-10 Hyperspace 5:09-5:15, 5:26-5:33. 5:38-5:41, 5:53-6:01, 6:11-6:16, 8:16-8:27


The Empire Strikes Back is an awesome score.


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On 06/01/2016 at 6:37 AM, Jay said:

This might be of interest to you



Wait, where's the full post?


I need this in my life. Are there posts like this with all the themes in all the films?

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The little arrow icon in a quote here brings you to the original post.


I've never written a theme list for SW but Faleel started one that should be on page 1 or 2 of the forum

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