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1998-Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Final Frontiers


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Anyone has this CD? Does it contains the original soundtracks or re-recordings?

Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Final Frontiers (1998, TVT Records ‎– 1950-2)


1 2001: A Space Odyssey
Written-By – Richard Strauss
2 Star Wars
Written-By – John Williams (4)
3 The Empire Strikes Back - The Imperial March
Written-By – John Williams (4)
4 The Return Of The Jedi
Written-By – John Williams (4)
5 Star Trek
Written-By – Alexander Courage
6 Star Trek: The Next Generation
Written-By – Alexander Courage, Gene Roddenberry, Jerry Goldsmith
7 Lost In Space (1965 TV Theme)
Written-By – John Williams (4)
8 Lost In Space (1967 TV Theme)
Written-By – John Williams (4)
9 Lost In Space (Film)
Written-By – Bruce Broughton
10 Battlestar Galactica
Written-By – Glen Larson, Stu Phillips
11 Space: 1999
Written-By – Barry Gray
12 Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
Written-By – Glen Larson
13 Babylon 5
Written-By – Christopher Franke
14 The Black Hole
Written-By – John Barry
15 Alien
Written-By – Jerry Goldsmith
16 The Abyss
Written-By – Alan Silvestri
17 Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (TV)
Written-By – Paul Sawtell
18 Journey To The Center Of The Earth - Prelude
Written-By – Bernard Herrmann
19 Land Of The Giants
Written-By – John Williams (4)
20 Planet Of The Apes
Written-By – Jerry Goldsmith
21 Time Tunnel
Written-By – John Williams (4)
22 Fireball XL-5
Written-By – Barry Gray
23 Dr. Who
Written-By – Ron Grainer
24 Stargate - Stargate Overture
Written-By – David Arnold
25 Total Recall - The Dream
Written-By – Jerry Goldsmith
26 Blade Runner
Written-By – Vangelis
27 Tron - Creation Of Tron/End Titles
Written-By – Wendy Carlos
28 Strange Days
Written-By – Graeme Revell
29 VR.5
Written-By – John Frizzell
30 Space Above & Beyond
Written-By – Shirley Walker
31 Inside Space - History's Arc
Written-By – David S. Brody
32 Welcome To Paradox
Written-By – Lawrence Shragge
33 Mission: Genesis
Written-By – Fred Mollin





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Yes, some are re-recordings, but I think in the case of some (like Lost in Space, Time Tunnel and Land of Giants) it's the original ones.

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Ordered on Amazon!


And if it's really the original recordings for the old JW scores (Lost in space, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel), I will add the album to the disco.

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