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Gabriel Yared's The Ark and the Deluge - new Music Box Expanded Edition

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Music Box Records proudly presents on CD the expanded score from the original documentary François Bel’s L’Arche et les Déluges (The Ark and the Deluge) composed by Gabriel Yared in 1993. The film is an ambitious project, an epic naturalistic work dedicated to one of the major and most vital elements on our planet: water.


Gabriel Yared wrote a rich orchestral score, wavering between contemporary music, symphonic music and a mix of ethereal electronics. One theme unifies the score and comes up several times, played on different instruments (synthetic flute, horns…), evoking the breathtaking landscapes of the film. Through its repeated occurrences in various versions, his strongly evocative music calls to mind the marine universe and the never-ending backwash of the sea.

“I wanted to write a timeless main theme. An iridescent music with a life of its own that would nonetheless match the essential topics of the film, the sky and the water”, explains composer Gabriel Yared.


This new expanded edition is fully remastered from the recording sessions and features several previously unreleased tracks. The package includes exclusive liner notes by writer Sylvain Pfeffer and new comments by Gabriel Yared on his collaboration with director François Bel.


1. À l’aube du temps (02:11)
2. L'Arche des Déluges (02:39)
3. Reflet de lune (00:35)
4. Ventre marin (03:33)
5. Les cités de cristal (05:52)
6. Lune bleue (02:00)
7. Aube (01:59)
8. Oasis Terre (03:17)
9. Eaux mêlées (01:41)
10. La nuit des angoisses (02:21)
11. Un ciel de cendres (03:05)
12. La savane (05:46)
13. Lune voilée (04:19)
14. Paradis urbain (01:03)
15. Valse industrie (03:38)
16. Les Dieux engloutis (03:43)


17. Un ciel de cendres (version film) (01:50)
18. L'Arche et les Déluges (variation #1) (01:36)
19. La nuit des angoisses (version alternative) (02:54)
20. Valse industrie (version film) (01:52)
21. L'Arche et les Déluges (variation #2) (01:26)
22. L'Arche et les Déluges (variation #3) (01:02)
Total Time • 59:21


Samples & Direct order: http://www.musicbox-records.com/en/cd-soundtracks/3419-l-arche-et-les-deluges.html


Other ordering sites:







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