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John Williams to Score Kobe Bryant short film "Dear Basketball"

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Glen posted this on Facebook a couple of hours ago     Kobe Bryant closes his eyes and listens for the first time to John Williams beautiful and emotional score for "Dear Basketbal

I thought this might have been fake it's just such an unexpected collaboration^   http://www.foxsports.com/nba/story/kobe-bryant-animated-film-dear-basketball-john-williams-050516  

Very sad 😞 I was at the rehearsals of Dear Basketball and he was so excited and a huge fan of JW giving him a hug and telling the orchestra how thrilling an experience it was for him to stand in front of such great musicians.  He let everyone who wanted take a selfie but it was clear he was giddy with joy at the experience.  I think he said it was his first time in front of an orchestra.  RIP.





Here he is at the Star Wars session with the trumpet section.  He was a big time JW fan.


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Great statement. But seeing Williams say "social justice": :folder:


(Nah, I know he's a grandfatherly almost-88-year-old, but that phrase just evokes such a visceral reaction in me these days, what with how it has been weaponized/what it has been used to refer to.)

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28 minutes ago, crumbs said:

For some reason, high quality copies of this film seem to be hard to find, but this one is the best quality version I've seen (complete with end credits). Sadly it has burned subtitles, but it's still the best version I've found.


This is the official upload


Not one on YouTube. Wonder if that'll change soon.

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It's almost unbearable to watch and listen to this now. I'm incredibly sad for the untimely loss of this powerful, inspiring man in such tragic circumstances. And it's even more painful to think about what the family is going through. May them find solace after this immense grief.


Rest in peace, Kobe and Gianna.

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9 hours ago, woj said:

I honestly don't. I don't even know how to use one or who to pay for a reliable one. 


I honestly care so little for the NBA that I never watched this film or listened to its music. 


This. It astounds me how many people here are surprised at how someone can not know about some tech or have not heard some music.


(I barely know how to use a VPN either and I've never needed something desperately enough to try)

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On 2/25/2020 at 5:58 PM, The Psycho Pianist said:

Unsure of where to post this - but I started a piano arrangement of this piece a couple of years ago and never finished it. In tribute to the wonderful work Kobe put in on this film, and of course his exceptional sporting career, I now have. Sheet music can be found in the video description :)




Thank you!! Brilliant! 


This just shows how good he is. All those brilliant modulations are just in the right places to rise the feeling and to continue the story. I hope they could have done this also in SW9

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Was reminiscing about this score and came across this insipid review on Rotten Tomatoes:


The John Williams score is a bit too, well, John Williams, but Dear Basketball is made with deep feeling, and it really shows; you don’t have to know a thing about basketball to find it touching. It’s currently the bookies’ favourite to take home the Oscar.

'The John Williams score is a bit too, well, John Williams'? What the fuck does that even mean?


I think that's a great thing, you know, for the artist to sound like themselves. Jeez.

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2 minutes ago, Arpy said:

I think that's a great thing, you know, for the artist to sound like themselves. Jeez.


Agreed, what a stupid thing to criticise. The score is even more heartfelt and touching in light of Kobe's death.


Clearly Kobe got exactly the score he wanted for his film, and that's good enough for me.

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Power they’re probably not even seeking for the most part...


I think plenty of us who hang out regularly on a John Williams forum are gonna be more prone to notice glib criticism against him or take it personally because we’ve internalized his musical voice, we have affection for his persona, we have memories associated with listening to the soundtracks at various times of our lives. So even the most off-handed jest about the “John Williams sound” can feel like an affront sometimes, I’ve felt that. Even from other JWFans!


But like, anybody who says “the John Williams score is too John Williams” is probably not that invested in him one way or the other. They might even generally acknowledge he’s a legend or a genius but they just have less of a problem lightly mocking him or his music because they don’t give him a second thought. Like we all do with most artists and celebrities, including those we like.


So idk, it’s chill yo.

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