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3 hours ago, lemoncurd said:

Is that it???!!! or just another fake based on bits from video games?

Actual recording sessions never leaked. Versions based on bits from video games are the next best thing.

They're near-complete for The Phantom Menace and sound as good as real recording sessions would do.

So the differences between the edits from video games and the real sessions would be small and therefore don't matter so much.


Of course everyone is still hoping for more unreleased music to show up eventually.

But having 2+* hours of virtually recording-session quality music available is pretty good going! :D


* = I think if you include all known alternates/alternate takes, you get closer to 3-4 hours.

Which is a bit overkill for me! :P

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15 hours ago, Richard said:

How much of "TPM" is not on the Sony 2-disc set? What Is still to be released?


Probably around ten minutes or so?


The problem is that it isn't that many big chunks, but tons of little pieces edited out of almost every cue across the whole film. A proper edition would finally undo the great injustice done to Williams' score in the film and really showcase Williams' intentions well. Hopefully someday.

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