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The Hobbit: Four Movements for Symphony Orchestra by Howard Shore

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The orchestra definitely flattens the material. All the aleatoric stuff and rhythms come off really mechanical. 


But there only seems to be two movements? Then it moves on to The Fly.


Centring the first movement around the Smaug material, especially those pulsating chords is interesting, but the arrangement itself is so scatterbrained, that no moment really registered. 


In comparison, the little bit of Rohan in the end of the concert comes off much better.


EDIT: The Mount Doom stuff that follows is kind of butchered too...so nvm.

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"I vent too for Lawrd Off Ze Ringz Laive-Too-Projection conssertz and zere vere hole az grate az tonite conssert!"  

What a great evening ! I'll try to write a review tomorrow  But a good concert with some cues I was not familiar with. Also nice interviews of Shore about his process and his career, etc. If y

The original intention was to use the Shire theme over the Hobbit title.  I don't think it was recorded.

1 hour ago, KK said:

Is this the whole thing? That first movement is a mess. Plenty of fantastic little moments butchered and sequenced in strange ways. 

No, it's been stated that two of the movements were cut (from the broadcast or the concert, I do not know.)

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7 hours ago, bollemanneke said:

I remember listening to that when the link first appeared, but is it me or did a lot of it sound like generic, themeless action music? Or did I just listen to the wrong part of the concert?


It's optimized for listening.

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I recognized multiple themes but it seems like it is just bounding from one thing to another. I couldn't notice any discernible structure.

The Tauriel material is well represented though, but that's hard to screw up. I think across the Hobbit trilogy, the material for Tauriel - both her theme and her love theme with Kiri are the most attractive and accessible material.

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