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Jerry Goldsmith's Rambo: First Blood Part II - new Intrada 2CD


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Intrada releases the MOTHER of all action scores!


2-CD premiere of complete Jerry Goldsmith classic action soundtrack for second Rambo film! Lengthy search for complete elements begun in 1988 when Intrada acquired rights to initial First Blood score (and Rambo III soon after) finally comes to an end with this newly restored release of everything Goldsmith recorded for the blockbuster film! Hear for the first time on CD, from newly-located three channel stereo session mixes, the brief but important “Pre Lift Off” music for the dramatic scene of Rambo revving up his helicopter rotors after having just downed his Russian opponent. Enjoy also the CD premiere of the short fortissimo burst of percussion heard at the conclusion of “Stories” as the scene cuts to the military command center. Two additional unused percussion outtakes also appear as extras on CD 2. The entire score appears on CD 1, in the best audio to date, presented mostly from PCM 1610 format digital mixes as well as the three-channel elements, including for the first time Goldsmith’s written assembly for “Village Attack/Helicopter Fight”, always intended as one piece as it appears in the film. CD 1 also includes the “Carolco Logo” which was written for the film and later became their signature. Fun extra on CD 2: Their logo with the session slate attached, drawn from the three-channel masters, indicating it was ironically recorded in two takes just prior to recording the long-missing “Pre Lift Off” cue. Still more extras from the three-channel elements include an early unused take of “Ambush” plus an early mix of “Revenge”. Newly-located as well were the 2” 24-track masters for the 1984 trailer sessions held nearly a year before the film opened, engineered by Bruce Botnick. These allowed us to offer both a brand new mix in superior audio of the trailer first appearing on our 2-CD First Blood release plus an alternate unused trailer, scored for large orchestra without electronics. One other three-channel extra appears simply because of its unique attractiveness: the “trumpet stripe only” take of “Stories” with the three players isolated on their own channel, made during the 1985 mixing session in London and affording the listener a chance to hear a three-part harmonized version of the Rambo theme in a pure, most haunting fashion. It was our goal to offer virtually everything we located after the nearly three decades of searching, so CD 2 also includes most of the score from the never-before used 35mm three-channel stereo masters, which offer a slightly different audio experience. Finally, an extraordinary extra can be found on CD 2 (along with yet 2 more unused alternates): For the film, Goldsmith actually wrote an orchestral “End Credits”, melding the Rambo 2 theme with a rousing all-new idea composed solely for these credits. The cue climaxes in an incredible, major-key moment of splendor unlike anything else in the entire Rambo trilogy. Interestingly, according to numerous individuals associated with those original sessions, this stirring finale was immediately discarded (a song wraps the closing credits instead) and dubbed onto a low-fidelity cassette at the time for the producers. Apparently no other masters were ever vaulted. Happily that solitary cassette survived the ages and made it from Carolco’s vaults in 1985 to this present 2-CD premiere. In any audio quality, this end title is a stunning treat to hear! Sylvester Stallone created one of cinema’s most iconic action characters of all time in this dynamite George Cosmatos Vietnam POW rescue film. Richard Crenna, Charles Napier, Steven Berkoff and Martin Kove sign on as well. Rambo: First Blood Part II comes home at last! Jerry Goldsmith conducts the National Philharmonic Orchestra. 2-CD set available in the Intrada INT series!





CD 1 Complete Original Soundtrack
01. Carolco Logo (0:19)
02. Main Title (2:16)
03. The Map (0:59)
04. Preparation (1:18)
05. The Jump (3:12)
06. The Snake (1:44)
07. The Pirates (1:30)
08. Stories/Percussion (Overlay) (3:28)
09. The Camp (1:24)
10. Forced Entry (1:02)
11. The Cage (3:59)
12. River Crash (2:22)
13. The Gunboat (1:18)
14. Betrayed (4:20)
15. Bring Him Up (1:17)
16. The Eyes (1:00)
17. Escape From Torture (3:30)
18. Ambush (2:40)
19. Revenge (6:16)
20. Bowed Down (1:06)
21. Pilot Over (1:55)
22. Village Attack/Helicopter Fight (4:54)
23. Pre Lift Off/Home Flight (3:25)
24. Day By Day (2:06)
25. Peace In Our Life (Performed by Frank Stallone) (3:17)
CD 1 Total Time: 61:39


CD 2 Original Soundtrack – 35mm Three-Channel Mixes
01. Carolco Logo (With Slate) (0:34)
02. Main Title (2:16)
03. Preparation (1:18)
04. The Jump (3:21)
05. The Snake (1:54)
06. The Pirates (1:30)
07. Stories/Percussion (Overlay) (3:28)
08. The Camp (1:24)
09. Forced Entry (1:03)
10. The Cage (3:59)
11. River Crash (2:23)
12. The Gunboat (1:17)
13. Betrayed (4:26)
14. Bring Him Up (1:17)
15. The Eyes (1:00)
16. Escape From Torture (3:43)
17. Ambush (2:40)
18. Revenge (6:18)
19. Bowed Down (1:06)
20. Pilot Over (1:57)
21. Village Attack/Helicopter Fight (4:56)
22. Pre Lift Off (0:25)
23. Day By Day (2:08)
Total Time: 54:57

The Extras
(Unused Cues – 35mm Three-Channel Mixes
24. Stories (Trumpet Stripe Only) (3:28)
25. Percussion No. 1 (0:07)
26. Percussion No. 2 (0:06)
27. Ambush (Early Take) (2:48)
28. Revenge (Early Mix) (6:43)

1984 Trailers
– 2" 24-Channel Mixes
29. Rambo Promo No. 1 (Original) (1:05)
30. Rambo Promo No. 2 (Revised) (1:05)

Carolco Demo Cassette
31. The Map (Alternate) (0:59)
32. Helicopter Fight (Alternate) (4:17)
33. End Credits (Original) (3:11)
Total Extras Time: 23:38
CD 2 Total Time: 78:42


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I have to say that the designation of CD 2 as containing the original soundtrack is incorrect.

The OST released at the time (by Varese I think) didnt have tracks like Forced Entry, The Gunboat or Village Attack/Helicopter Fight. Those appeared on the expanded Silva Screen release many years later.

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26 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

I have to say that the designation of CD 2 as containing the original soundtrack is incorrect.

The OST released at the time (by Varese I think) didnt have tracks like Forced Entry, The Gunboat or Village Attack/Helicopter Fight. Those appeared on the expanded Silva Screen release many years later.


By saying "Original Soundtrack" there, they don't mean "original soundtrack album", they mean the original music recorded for the film.


That section of Disc 2 contains cues that were mixed at the time of the film differently than the ultimate mixes they went with (which are on Disc 1).

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The press release explains it!  Did you read it?



That End Title cue is really nice, shame that the makers of the film didn't opt to properly store it along with the rest of the score!  

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I listened to the sample of the End Titles with headphones last night, and the audio is really weird, like the music was only on the left channel.  I know it was a dub of an old tape but I'm surprised it couldn't have been fixed to be more properly stereo?


The rest of the samples sound great, of course.

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Just came across Roger's post on the Intrada board that explains the different mix story a little better


INTRADA Announces:


Composed and Conducted by JERRY GOLDSMITH

At long last, Jerry Goldsmith's Asian-tinged, action-packed score to Rambo: First Blood Part II joins First Blood and Rambo III in the Intrada catalog. Goldsmith's schedule in 1985 was no less action-packed than Rambo's latest outing, including Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, King Solomon's Mines, and Explorers, all filled with action and wonder. But it was this film that kicked off the summer movie season in May of 1985, with a CD that thundered into players shortly after. Since then, collectors have clamored for a complete release of the score -- but that proved trickier than expected. When Rambo II was first expanded, not all source elements were available, and while nearly complete, the release was still missing some moments, as well as important pick ups and featured unusual mixes that weren't quite right. 

After poring through some 150 reels of 35mm magnetic film of the various audio elements (dialog, sound effects, outtakes, rejected audio mixes, radio spots, demos, etc.) Intrada located everything (save “The Map” and “Home Flight”) from the first-generation three-channel scoring session mixes recorded by Mike Ross-Trevor at CBS Studios in London and subsequently remixed by Bruce Botnick at The Record Plant in Los Angeles. The sound was not as vibrant as the analog-to-digital elements Botnick had prepared (presented on CD 1) but it was still clean and free of major imperfections and because these elements presented a nominally different sound to the more familiar elements in existence, they appear on a CD 2. Also unearthed were the 24-track elements for the summer of 1984 Rambo II teaser trailer. Although previously released on the First Blood album, that was sourced from 1/4" elements, and this new mix allows Intrada to present it in the best possible sound, along with an alternate version. The CD also includes Goldsmith's Carolco logo, which integrates the Rambo theme.

Appearing now for the first time is the brief but crucial “Pre Lift Off” that immediately precedes Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) taking off in his helicopter after having just defeated his nemesis, Russian Lt. Col. Podovsky (Steven Berkoff). Another tiny piece now included is the brief but powerful percussion outburst that plays at the end of “Stories,” when the film cuts from Rambo to a shot of the American military base camp.

The grail to include in this expanded release was the mysterious original end title. As with the other two films in the series, Goldsmith's end title was replaced with a vocal, but in this case the end title was not included on any prior soundtrack album. Goldsmith had composed a brand new theme to meld with the Rambo: First Blood Part II theme. The result was a stunning piece that develops both of the melodies into a single rousing medley, unfolding over the familiar Rambo rhythms until everything climaxes with a powerful fortissimo coda. Alas, stereo masters were completely elusive, to the point where they may have been discarded or erased. However, a promotional cassette from 1985 still existed, and while not optimal, allowed Intrada to include this rare recording as a bonus on CD 2.

Intrada's decades long journey to present all three Rambo scores is complete, and for now the presentation of Rambo II is about as definitive as it can get.

Retail Price: $29.99
For track listing and sound samples, please visit:






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Ordered along with the 2 disc set of First Blood. Alas Intrada didn't have Rambo 3 in stock so I couldn't complete the trilogy.

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11 hours ago, Stefancos said:

Who knows, maybe for some future Goldsmith compilation. Wouldn't hold me breath though.

Looks like a job for Tadlow and James Fitzpatrick!

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On 10/08/2016 at 7:32 AM, Stefancos said:

I wonder if Intrada will rerelease Rambo III again at some point too as a 2 CD set?


I only have the CD which has the cover shown in the video below.



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Doug says:



Thanks for supporting this release, too. It took quite awhile to get all three Rambo titles under our roof... to say nothing of locating all the various bits and pieces missing from earlier editions. Our goal was always to find everything we could and make it available to you folks, no matter how trivial, repetitive or inconsequential that little bit may have been. We of course would have loved to find those rare end credits in some format other than a cassette... and, even a standard cassette would have been workable. At least it would have been satisfactory audio which we could then have worked some magic on. This official Carolco studio cassette was something completely oddball, duped at the sessions but in sound that was in between low-fi stereo and something piped in through a telephone line. Weird to say the least. It literally defied help. Every bit of audio processing that was tried just made things sound more and more like an electronic sampling rather than an orchestra. Even our professional engineering friends said to just leave it alone.

That said, wow! What a treat to hear what Goldsmith had written for that finish! An all-new Rambo theme no less, trading with the familiar one! Ahhhh, what might have been. And to think that all those folks involved back in 1985 may have just deleted everything (except the cassette) way back when. Maybe Carolco (now Studiocanal) should just frame that thing!

Personally, I was always more interested in finding that previously unreleased short piece when Rambo starts up the rotors and heads off into "Home Flight", since that's actually in the movie. The timing of Goldsmith's short cue coincides with the revving of the engines perfectly and gives a start to the incoming cue, which otherwise always played as if it was abruptly cut into... since literally it was!

In any case, people nowadays seem to love putting together their own "playlists" and assembling their own perfect listening experiences. With this new Rambo: First Blood Part II set, at least we've found all the pieces for them work with. :D





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This is a really kick-ass score! And the new set is pretty darn awesome! Thanks Intrada! :)

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47 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

You have it already???

Yeah very fast delivery from Intrada, only 5 days.

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On 13.8.2016 at 8:35 AM, crocodile said:

That is a must.



5 hours ago, Stefancos said:

Jason, I'm sure people in the USA might have already received it, but Finland? Land of polar bears and pinguins? Where the post is delivered by a Saami riding an eland....



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9 hours ago, crocodile said:

Is it as good as Tyler's?



I don't know, let me think...



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The liner notes go into a very meticulous explanation of the content of the new set. They really tried to fulfill the OCD collectors' dreams with this one by providing everything possible and then some from this score.


I wonder if they will re-do their Rambo III set as going by the mention in the liner notes of Rambo II, they seem to think the current release is sufficiently definitive.

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Rambo II is really a textbook case of how to do a satisfying sequel score. Expand the overall palette, retain the central elements from the first score to create continuity and then bring everything up a notch. I feel the first score had almost austere, steely and taut atmosphere which fit the film perfectly, giving it an almost intimate scale and Goldsmith wonderfully adds to that base and broadens his approach for the sequel where this music goes all gung-ho with wonderful results.

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All of Goldsmith's sequel scores were novelties. It never seemed to occur to him that he just could repeat the first score, like Horner so often did.

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