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Is Dracula (1979) Soundtrack Lost to Time?


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I was serious, make a WAV of your mint vinyl, anyone, I will restore it.


I did several restorations for Miguel, I'm not a profesionnal, but my restorations are pretty good I think.

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11 hours ago, Batman's Diet Coke said:

To be honest, the Dracula OST is too repetitive. It's like the same fucking theme over and over again.

Oh it is not true if you are listening the complete score with the movie!

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On 8/23/2016 at 10:45 AM, RICHARDSTRAUSS68 said:

I've heard and seen many things to let me believe the recordings and sheets were lost to time, but under recent study I've seen that they aren't I've seen sheets and since the movie was put into blue-ray I believe they would've used master tapes to bring the audio to quality standards. I have also heard varsee is planning a new release. Does anyone have any knowledge of this or when it may become available?


It seems Richard Strauss was right all along! :)


On 8/23/2016 at 11:51 AM, TownerFan said:

According to LLL's MV Gerhard, only mono tapes from the original sessions were found so far and they don't even sound very good.


Too bad he didn't even bother to listen to these "mono" tapes...

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