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Worst Scene in The Hobbit?

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While there are many to choose from across the three films, what do you think was the absolute worst?


For me it's easy...the scene where the Laketown survivors turn into a mob and try to murder Alfrid and Bard has to stop them.  It's not that I have any love for Alfrid, I despise the character, but having a mob of common folk try to murder one of their own is about the most un-Tolkien like thing I can think of.  The scene just rubs me the wrong way every time I see it, and reminds me off how far from the source material they let these movies stray.


There are lots of other candidates of course...any scene with the Master & Alfrid, or Kili & Tauriel, etc.  But what are the worst?  If you can't pick just one, the worst from each movie is OK.

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The Battle Of Five Armies EE   The Kili/Tauriel stuff is cringeworthy. Really awful stuff. Orlando Bloom looks distractingly nothing like himself 10 years ago. And he's really not a very goo

PJ had an impossible job. He had to retrofit a (arguably weaker) story on to a trio of well made, well loved films. Against all that, he had to create a sort of continuity through which he could

Despite being somewhat overlong, I absolutely love all the scenes in Bilbo's home at the beginning of the movie. Such a warm, cozy feeling sequence, and the interactions between Bilbo, Gandalf, and th

The awful CGI crap like Legolas climbing falling stones, Smaug covered in gold, naked dwarves in the fountain, Legolas jumping on heads in the river,  and just how bad Damn looked. Should have stuck with the original prosthetic version. 

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12 hours ago, Barnald said:

The healing scenes in DoS. Anything involving Kili and Tauriel in general really.

Actually, any gimmicks that were a shot redo of something they did in LOTR made me cringe...i.e. a shadow falling over Gandalf as he grows a couple feet taller and bellows in a deep voice when he's angry, the angelic Tauriel playing healer ala Arwen, etc.  By the time BOTFA rolled around, I was expecting Bard to say "This army" and a bunch of undead magically appear. Those things worked, and beautifully, in LOTR, but in The Hobbit they just seem like cheap fan service.

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20 minutes ago, Quintus said:

After the King Kong debacle Shore probably just shrugged, sighed quietly and said "okay fine, Pete. Fine."


Everyone working on the film was so constantly exhausted by the ridiculous deadline that I wouldn't be surprised if Shore would've felt guilty if he complained.

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48 minutes ago, Richard said:

Bloody hell! Didn't anyone like anything about "THE HOBBIT"?


As the person who considers these to be straight up bad films and not just bad adaptations, I will say that I liked the casting. I also liked large swaths of the scores. I did take personal issue with each and every one of the things listed earlier in this thread however. Not even the best fan edits can save movies that are so wrongly conceived from start to finish.


20 minutes ago, SafeUnderHill said:

Those everything wrong with videos suck.


I think some of them are funny and even spot on.

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No they're not, they're funny.

"ETWE SKYFALL" is brilliant. "Adele" (ping) :lol:


Anyhoo...it seems that PJ was rather hamstrung by Warner Bros. waving Blu rays of LOTR, $400 million in front of him, and a big neon sign that said "MORE OF THE SAME, PLEASE". 

That's the downfall of the second trilogy: it tried too hard to be like LOTR. Really, it never stood a chance. That it is as good as it is, is no mean feat, given the circumstances.

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34 minutes ago, Richard said:

That it is as good as it is, is no mean feat, given the circumstances.


If you say so. To me, it looks like they just threw all kinds of shit up on the screen to see if anything would stick and nothing really did.

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6 hours ago, Stefancos said:


Shore must share some of the responsibility for that travesty though. Since he agreed to rescore it with that inappropriate Ringwraith theme


Imagine if PJ had asked Herrmann to do that? He would have been stabbed in the chest with a baton!


And what is he supposed to do when PJÖNGJANG tells him to do something with the temp? Quit? He wrote his own version.


Thanks for using my baton joke. That will be 0.99 Euro.

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I really like the Hobbit films, but think that if they take 30 mins off each film and made it two, rather than three, then we would have gotten two very focused films of high quality and that can live more comfortably next to LOTR. Two 3 hour films, instead of three 2.5 hour films.


I'd call the two films; An Unexpected Journey and The Battle of the Five Armies and I would end the first film at the originally intended point; after the Barrel sequence, and the dwarves (like Frodo and Sam) begin to walk aimlessly over the rocks and into the distance, and I would have the Bree flashback at the start of the second film and return to the real-time action as Bard appears. Also NO cgi Azog and Bolg. Just Bolg in Azogs role, and played by an actor in prosthetics.



AUJ - I would remove about 10 mins from the Bag End build up, 10 mins from the random travelling, and 10 mins from the third acts various action scenes.


DOS - Remove 10 mins from the various Forest scenes. 10 mins from Laketown and the entire Smaug action scene. Instead I'd have him wake up, have the great back and forth with Bilbo, try and kill the Dwarves for a minute or two, then go to attack Laketown. None of the lighting the molten gold crap. 


BOTFA - Remove 20 mins of Alfrid scenes/Dwarves and Men sitting around doing nothing in Erebor and Dale respectively, 10 mins from the battle.

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