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Fernando Velazquez's 'A Monster Calls'


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Big fan of Velazquez, and have been looking forward to his new score for 'A Monster Calls.' It seems like a really good story for a composer to get their hands on. 


I've just listened to the samples, which you can hear on Quartet Records site here - http://www.quartetrecords.com/a-monster-calls.html 


Some lovely pieces, and it has that romantic, elegant sound that Velazquez is so good at. I particularly like the Piano theme, which is showcased best in these samples in the 'End Credits' piece with String and Harp accompaniment. 

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The Impossible is his best I think.


Crimson Peak.

The Orphanage.





A couple of pieces to get an idea of his sound:



Raw emotion - 

End titles from 'The Impossible.'





Horror -

Finale piece from 'Mama.'




Classic - 

Waltz from 'Crimson Peak.'




Fun, light-hearted adventure -

From a Spanish kids film.



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Just came back from the film, and I REALLY liked it. Straight into my Top 20 of the year -- very few people do melodrama as well as Bayona these days, and here he manages to tell the story of a grief process (channeled through the child's imagination, NEVERENDING STORY-style) with the same elegance he displayed in LO IMPOSSIBLE.


The score is variable, IMO -- some of the more fantastical and/or emotional bits are fine, but some of the suspence/horror/action music is a bit too 'sturm und drang' for my taste. Much the same impression I had when I listened to the album last week.

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I'm surprised there's such a low interest in this. It's by far the best 'fantasy'-oriented film I've seen this year, and I doubt there's going to be another before New Year's.

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2 minutes ago, publicist said:

I tried it three times and found it not overly memorable, though somewhat pleasant. But i seldom found much to like in Velasquez.


You should see the film, if you can. If not for the music, then for the brilliant melodrama.

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