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The BFG Sheet music now available


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Hi everyone,


In case this hasn't been mentioned before...


BFG sheet music now available in piano solo format:


musicnotes only has - so far - 7 titles available digitally, whereas the hard copy folio has 2 extra selections. Publisher Hal Leonard has digital versions of all 9 cues. The piano reductions seem relatively easily arranged. No news yet on orchestral signature editions.


from publisher:






hard copy:



May everyone be well.




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Strange lack of continuity. Sophie's Theme written out with no key signature (every chord with sharps and double sharps on every note), but then To Giant Country has three key signatures just on the first page? Odd.

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Yes, I agree regarding the continuity on the key signatures.


Makes me wonder if this was an error from the transcribers and their music notaiton software, or if Williams himself intentionally wrote it that way, as if to make some artistic comment on Sophie (theme in E major) and  world in which she finds herself (C major).

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