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Jurassic Park and The Lost World Complete Release coming from LaLa-Land Records on 29th of November

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Jim Titus' article about the making of the artwork: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57863925/Welcome-(Back)-to-Jurassic-Park

In Japan, in the big record stores in Tokyo, you can just buy these Specialty Label soundtrack albums off the shelves.... They always have 3 or 4 copies in stock.   How amazing is that? 

Finally I can kind of put my finger on what my biggest peeve with Jurassic Park is - it "blows its load" very, very early - in the 5th track out of 28 movie score tracks! The Brachiosaur scene's score

Odd that out of the 8 samples for Jurassic Park, 6 are completely OST material, with one track of a 20th anniversary edition cue and only one sample of a never before released cue.  Oh well.  "Race to the Dock" ("The Trouble With Dennis") sounds awesome, at least - even at 128kbps!  Shame it cuts off right before the exciting part :(   


Onto the Lost World samples!

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YES!  No stupid fade-in to start The Hunt!  Awesome!


So this time out of 10 samples, only 4 are completely OST material, 5 are completely new material, and 1 is a mix of both


Up In A Basket - Awesome!  Quicker-paced than the mockup I'm used to.

In The Trailer - Wow!  Love that wailing sound, love the percussion, the quick brass bursts, the tense strings... awesome!

High Bar and Ceiling Tiles - Wow, weird to hear the clean opening to the cue!  Awesome!  What a fun, action packed minute!

Ludlow's Speech - Cool stuff

Monster on the Loose - Love the menacing brass outbursts!!!  Awesome cameo of the JP Island theme!  Awesome setup of the Visitor In San Diego melody!  Wow!!

The Lost World (Alternate) - no surprise here to anyone who's listened to the end credits of the film.  I seriously love both openings to this cue and can't decide which I like more - so thankful to have both options, professional edited.  Sweet!


Man, can't wait to hear the whole thing!


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First time hearing 'Up In A Basket'. Never heard the mockups. Love the really creepy and menacing string work starting at 1:06. Quite chilling actually, especially when other instruments join in too.


'In The Trailer' ... that wailing sound...OMG...wasn't expecting that at all. Reminding me of a similar effect used by JNH in The Village. Love the strings towards the end of the sample.


'High Bar and Ceiling Tiles' ... more wailing. That technique he used is one of the biggest surprises from the release. Love that sample. Can't wait for the full track.


'Ludlow's Speech' ... I really like that four note island motif rendition at the beginning


'Monster on the Loose' ... love the island theme from the first movie. I could be wrong but I think it is from the moment when Ian Malcolm says to Ludlow "now you're John Hammond". The track sounds like a great introduction to the material in Visitor In San Diego.


All in all, this has the makings of an incredible release. Amazing work by LLL. Can't wait for the whole thing now.


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5 minutes ago, scallenger said:

The HD promo shot reveals no teeth on the Rex, except for oddly one, on the booklet mockup. I know it's already been said that it does have them on the real thing, but wanted to prove I wasn't crazy!


Wow - that is NOT like Jim Titus to miss that!  Well, hopefully its just that promo art, and not the final printed booklets!


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The 'teeth layer' must be missing in the file. Sometimes rescaling objects just removes the layer from sight for some weird reason. I designed some Christmas cards last year and I had similar small details that didn't show up when I went to the printers.

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It sounds really weird hearing things like Monster On The Loose after 19 years of wanting them! Seriously impressed by what I'm hearing of the quality.


Also, my order status has been updated to shipping in 2-3 days.

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Ordered. #121521. The order was placed at 3:05 PM EST. One of the first to order it! 


I also received an e-mail confirmation of my order. Now the wait for it to arrive begins (it actually began after the order was place, but I digress).


By the way, when is it going to ship out?

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