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Michael Giacchino's Coco (2017)

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I'm really hoping for Williams to get his chance at scoring a Pixar movie one day.

Every fucking film!

His name rhymes with Latino!

What's more likely:


Giacchino was hired to compose this score without any kind of announcement, despite the fact that the composers for the next two Pixar films AFTER this one were announced




Someone had fun with photoshop

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Awkward story I haven't told anyone before:


I was in Krakow last year, and I know many of the guys running the show. Anyway, I went up to one of the festival people to say hello before the composer Q&A, and I noticed she was talking to someone. So I had to be introduced to her. She introduced herself as "Maria Giacchino" (Michael's sister). I politely said hello, but for a few moments there, I was worried that she had read any of my scathing critique of her brother online. Fortunately, it seemed she hadn't. So I got away. This time. :) 

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1 hour ago, kaseykockroach said:

I'd rather Junkie XL take the project. Reading people bash him is more fun than reading Giacchino bashing. :P


Tom is a really excellent musician all around, and I'd love to see him get more diverse projects that allow him to show off in different ways.  If it stops the Giacchino spread, all the better.

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